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Author: RedshiftTheFox
Side: Both
Created: Nov 8th at 8:22 PM
Last modified: Nov 8th at 8:24 PM
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Some recipes that allow you to cut seeds out of harvested crops using a knife.

Use any knife and combine two or four of the same crop in the crafting grid for either one or two seeds.

Why only a 50% return for seeds? The idea is that, when cutting seeds out of yoiur harvested crop you lose some in a few ways. Some seeds are underdeveloped, damaged, or otherwise not viable, so only some seeds are recoverable.


Will not work for fruit trees! Fruit trees do not produce seeds for us to plant.

Also does not work for flowers. Flowers do not have any seeds in the base game, unfortunately. 


Made on v1.17.9 (Stable). Not all v1.17 versions have been tested, but will likely work.

Will not work on v1.15.x and prior! Item codes changed between then and v1.17.x

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v1.0.0 170 Nov 8th at 8:24 PM Show

3 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 TheNiteFox, Nov 10th at 7:07 PM

Ok just wanted to make sure, cause flower seeds wouldve been really nice haha :)

And what I was saying was this is nice, because this is otherwise locked behind classes in moreclasses & collaborative classes, I wasnt saying put a class restriction on it 😅

💬 RedshiftTheFox, Nov 9th at 1:05 AM

TheNiteFox Yes, this is just for crops. Flowers don't have seeds for us to cultivate in the base game. I'll add an addition to the description stating this mod doesn't add flower seeds. Does sound like a good idea, though.

I don't feel that restricting this ability to one or two specific classes is right. It's not complicated enough for me to justify a class restriction.

💬 TheNiteFox, Nov 8th at 9:00 PM

This is just crops and not flowers right? Ive been waiting for Wild Farming to get fixed just because it makes flowers be able to have seeds to use with alchemy but alas itsnot fixed yet. 

This is still handy though, cause only other place ive seen this is locked in a class mod, so thanks for making this :3

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