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Author: Jura
Side: Client
Created: May 15th at 12:53 PM
Last modified: May 16th at 4:38 PM
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Tired of the old terrifying bell sounds? I have a solution - Samsung Bell Sound Pack!

No more scary sirens, just a quiet and pleasant samsung alarm melody. How peaceful...


- Changed bell alarm sound to samsung morning flower

- Changed bell death sound to samsung notification sound

- Changed bell listening sound to samsung notification sound


Samsung Bell Sound Pack by Jura

All rights to the used sounds belong to Samsung Electronics


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5 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 Jura, May 22nd at 4:04 PM


🤣 Thank you

💬 MCRusher, May 22nd at 3:54 AM

This is infinitely more terrifying.

Nice mod.

💬 Rythillian, May 18th at 2:22 AM

the horror.. the horror.. 

💬 Jura, May 17th at 7:14 AM


Glad to hear that :D Thanks!

💬 Strelitzia, May 17th at 1:16 AM

The video had me in hysterics! Great mod

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