Mods / Mods translation on Rusian

Category: #Other
Author: Serega16919
Side: Both
Created: Sep 10th
Last modified: Sep 11th
Downloads: 89

I decided to translate all these mods so that everything would match to one language, made for myself, you can use it in original mods

1.alchemy - partially translated
2.Ancient tools - translated on 99,9%
3.Anvil metal recovery - fully translated
4.Backpack plus - fully translated
5.carrycapacity - fully translated
6.compass - fully translated
7.depthscan - fully translated
8.detonate - fully translated
9.expanded foods - expand the official translation
10.linchen - translated (questions about the reliability of the translation)
11.medieval expansion - official translation completed
12.meteoric expansion - partially translated
13.qptech - partially translated
14.specialized bags - fully translated
15.wildcraft - in progress
16.weawer's weed - questions about the reliability of the translation

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.2 52 Sep 11th Show
v1.0.1 23 Sep 10th Show
v1.0.0 12 Sep 10th Show


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