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Author: Apache
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Created: Apr 22nd at 1:20 AM
Last modified: Apr 22nd at 1:24 AM
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Respawn Tools

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Mod commissioned for the Rusty Gears SMP server. For now, this mod is a Proof of Concept, and is being released as a Minimal Viable Product.

Scalability and stability of long-term use of this mod on a multi-player server has yet to be determined.

Feel free to use this mod, however please respect it's limitations, as it has been designed specifically for a single group of players.


Respawn Beacon

Adds a `Respawn Beacon` block, that when Enabled, will cause any players in range, to respawn on the block when they die, rather than at their default spawn position.

  • Server: Changes the spawn position of a respawning player, when in range of an active beacon.
  • Client: Shift-Right Click to toggle the settings window for the beacon.
    • Change the range of the beacon. Defaults to 128 blocks.
    • Turn the beacon on or off.

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v1.0.0 189 Apr 22nd at 1:24 AM Show

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