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Category: #QoL #Simplification #Tweak
Author: JohnM666
Side: Both
Created: Feb 4th at 9:57 PM
Last modified: Feb 9th at 7:35 PM
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With this mod you can cut pine or acacia with knife to obtain resin. Tree block will transform to leaking log with some chance (20% by default). Only grown pine or acacia trees can be used to obtain resin (it is not possible to extract resin from placed block).

Chance, duration and allowed tools can be changed in mod config (in files log-grown-acacia-config.json and log-grown-pine-config.json)

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v1.0.0 222 Feb 9th at 7:35 PM Show

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💬 Xaade, Feb 14th at 12:04 AM

This unfortunately breaks the placement of wood logs. You can no longer place them horizontally.

💬 NativeBoyUSA, Feb 13th at 4:36 PM

it's not working for 1.17.11, and i changed it 50% and tried 100's of pine logs in the woods

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