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Category: #QoL #Tweak
Author: Lodey
Side: Both
Created: Feb 24th at 1:08 AM
Last modified: Feb 24th at 1:09 AM
Downloads: 502
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Placed torches that expire become extinguished instead of burnt out so they can be relit.

This mod exists because Erik's Relightable Torches mod hasn't been updated. If he updates his mod and asks me to remove this mod I will.

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v1.0.0 502 Feb 24th at 1:09 AM Show

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💬 KineticKnight, Feb 25th at 1:14 AM

SilverBird This specific mod will only work with the vanilla torch as it is. The burned-out torches in CraftableCreative can be re-lit if you knock them down and place in a firepit. They will be re-lit as standard torches though and will have to be crafted into colored torches again.

💬 SilverBird, Feb 24th at 9:17 PM

Craftable Creative (lights)
colored torches

💬 Lodey, Feb 24th at 6:51 AM

Probably not. It depends on how the modded torches are implemented. What mod are you using? I could maybe look into it but I'm a super novice modder.

💬 SilverBird, Feb 24th at 5:49 AM

Does this work with Modded torches?

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