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Author: jeikobu__
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Created: May 5th at 3:03 PM
Last modified: May 6th at 11:49 AM
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Latest file for v1.19.7: 1-click install

This is a client/server mod adding a third prospecting mode showing you the distance to closest ore block within a configurable radius (in the config file in ModConfig folder of your data location).

This mod is known to be incompatible with the following mods:

  • PropickFix (will be fixed in the next release);
  • Toolworks.

The mode is enabled just like the original modes are. This mod supports localization; help with adding other languages would be appreciated - feel free to submit a pull request or add an issue with translated lines and I will add them myself.

Currently following translations are available:

  • English
  • Polish
  • Spanish (machine translated)
  • Simplified Chinese (by @law4x)

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v1.0.1 2346 May 6th at 11:49 AM Show Install now
v1.0.0 102 May 5th at 3:04 PM Show Install now

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💬 jeikobu__Author, Jul 1st at 6:56 PM

Hi Dazzan, it works just fine on my server; have you successfully installed the mod on both client and server?

💬 Dazzan, Jun 28th at 12:13 AM

Hello, im running a server and i dont have either Propickfix or tool works installed, and this mod is not working at all. i tested everything in single player and it works perfectly im wondering if there is a command im missing to enable it in the server. im the admin and even i cannot use it. sorry if this has already been answered i cant find it. for some reason i only have 2 options in the F menu, density search mode and Proximity mode. Node search mode seems to not be available as well. when i try to use either of the two modes i do have access to it only behaves as Desnity search mode, even if i have Proximity mode selected. 

💬 jeikobu__Author, Jun 21st at 8:17 PM

Gerard_ Sorry, but no, it does not. I don't know where you got this information from, but it never was, is, or will be working this way. Please don't disinform people.

Andrew354 Please follow the instructions from this comment to find the mod config file. In that file, there is only one numeric value you can change. Seeing the number of questions about this, which I thought is a trivial process, prompted me to work on support for GUI configuration that will come in the next release.

thespy24574 Sorry to hear the mod is not working for you. I will look into ways of making it work with Toolworks in the future.

💬 ErisLuna, Jun 21st at 2:35 PM


yeah it's toolworks doing that.  It creates new tool itemtypes that this doesn't know to hook into. It kind of completely changes how tools work under the hood.

💬 thespy24574, Jun 21st at 1:55 AM

@lord_luba I doubt any of the mods i currently have installed have any bearing on this mod. None of the mods effect prospecting or the tool outside of the toolworks mod that i have enabled which just makes tools a lot to harder to make and the functions of the tools are not interacted with at all.

💬 lord_luba, Jun 20th at 11:05 AM

thespy24574 I have this mod and the mod is working fince for me and has been very useful. Maybe it can be caused by mods incompatibility you have?

💬 thespy24574, Jun 20th at 2:48 AM

it would seem the mod is not working for me. Granted I have other mods installed but none interact with prospecting outside of this mod. As for the issue regarding this mod; It seems to be adding the 3rd option (Prox search mode) but not giving a prox instead it gives me a regular Density search notification in chat. And when 3 samples are gathered it shows up as a regular denisty search. 

Basically its not functioning as intended as it seems to acting like the base game density search mode.

💬 Gikame, Jun 18th at 4:38 PM

jeikobu__ Ah my apologies, I did not see the cheat tag at all. I am not too familiar with the modding site itself as I tend to play mostly vanilla singleplayer haha. But yea that makes sense ^^. Thank you for the explanation however!

💬 Gerard_, Jun 17th at 5:25 PM

Andrew354  Proximity range has the same range as the second propecting pick mode. You can change it with the command /worldConfig propickNodeSearchRadius <number> . By default it is a distance of 4.

💬 Andrew354, Jun 17th at 3:58 PM

could you explain me how to change the proximity range, please

💬 jeikobu__Author, Jun 16th at 11:06 AM

Frozen_Citrus: thanks for asking! First, you need to find your VintagestoryData folder; quoting the wiki:

  • On Windows, the path is %appdata%/VintagestoryData
  • On Linux, the path is ~/.config/VintagestoryData

After you have installed the mod and either loaded a save or joined a server, the folder ModConfig will appear in that location - and it will contain the config file for this mod as well (proximityProspectingPick.json). In there, you can change the radius. Hope that helps!

Gikame: I don't understand what you're really asking me here. I fully intend this mod to be cheaty and it does exactly what you said - it takes away some of the work. This is why it is tagged as a cheat. Calling it a cheat is not 'crapping on it', it is simply stating the fact. It is alright to want your game to be easier - just as it is alright to want it to be harder. And this mod is for the former kind of people.

💬 Gikame, Jun 8th at 3:29 AM

General question: Whats the difference between this and the prospecting picks general proximity detection? Since without the mod youd need to find the main location, this feels more like it just takes out the middle man.

I know you dont intend it to be cheaty but from what I see, it does take a bit of work away you would otherwise have to do, no? Im really just asking sincerely, I dont mean to crap on your mod. I think its an interesting Idea even if I wont use it personally.

💬 Frozen_Citrus, Jun 2nd at 10:29 AM

Hi! thanks for making this mod, its an absolute godsend for those of us who dont have half a day to find a single vein of ore...

I've tried to modify the radius of the search for the pick, but the files downloaded from VS ModDB dont have a config file, and when I try to add the config file from GitHub, the mod just breaks and doesn't work anymore... Could you go further in depth on how to edit the radius, please? 

💬 jeikobu__Author, May 12th at 1:59 PM

Hi! Thanks for letting me know. Yes, I can make it work; look forward for the next release that will add compatibility.

💬 LordReems, May 12th at 1:01 AM

Hello! This mod appears to be incompatible with PropickFix by TownEater. The icon for the proximity mode overrides/overlays the core sample search mode from the other mod so I can't select core sample search.

Any chance this could be made compatible? Thank you!

💬 jeikobu__Author, May 10th at 1:34 PM

Thanks for your kind words! I'm open for suggestions if you need any improvements :)

💬 SpacemanSpliff, May 8th at 1:31 PM

This is a great QoL addition to the prospecting pick that I feel like is balanced just well enought to -not- feel cheaty. Thank you.

💬 jeikobu__Author, May 7th at 2:08 PM

Hi - I saw you found the place yourself ;) Your translation will go out with the next release.

💬 BoringPanCake, May 6th at 3:38 PM

How or where can I send a translation to another language?

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