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Author: Rhoun
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Created: Apr 17th at 10:49 PM
Last modified: Apr 17th at 10:53 PM
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Latest file for Various v1.19.x: 1-click install

Inspired by simple wind direction, but a bit more complex this time.

The wind blows in the same direction on the whole map but changes gradually every X second, the period for stable wind and transition is configurable to your liking.

The main intent is to use this mod with Joy of Sailing on water maps to make sailing more enjoyable.

The mod works for both single-player and multiplayer, but has one implication for the multiplayer servers:

  • I've developed this for my Pelagus server, so wind changes are controlled by the server and synced across all players. This means the mod won't work correctly as a client only for multiplayer servers like UI mods do.

Let me know if you have any questions or problems while using it.

Happy sailing!



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💬 RhounAuthor, Apr 20th at 2:56 AM

Glad you enjoy it! And you're right, I should mention in the description that it works for single-player without any issues. Rabbs14

💬 Rabbs14, Apr 20th at 1:00 AM

I'm in a single-player world, and this works a treat. However, I had my doubts because the description doesn't specifically mention single-player worlds, and I have no knowledge at all about servers and multiplayer mods.

The thing with simple wind direction is that the wind behaved more like campfire smoke in that id be sailing along and get a headwind, forcing me to row, and whenever I changed direction, the headwind would follow me, and I'd be dead in the water; just like smoke around a campfire... so damn frustrating lol.

This mod makes sailing more enjoyable and has enough direction variability to let you sail in any direction for a decent time. In my world, the wind is blowing to the north, but it shifts from northwest to northeast, which means I can still sail directly south with a slight course adjustment and a play with the sails.

In summary, This mod works a treat and has become my new default wind mod.

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