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Category: #Tweak #Worldgen
Author: NethanielShade
Side: Both
Created: Oct 2nd at 8:45 AM
Last modified: Oct 2nd at 8:49 AM
Downloads: 191
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Latest file for v1.18.13: 1-click install

Peat in Cold Biomes is a simple mod that changes peat so that it can spawn in colder climates. In vanilla Vintage Story, peat can spawn in any temperature from 1C to 18C. This mod changes that so that the minimum spawn temperature is -10C. Pretty simple.

This mod is my first Vintage Story mod, and I am very new at modding. I have a larger, more ambitious project that this will be merged into that I am working on, so keep an eye out for that when the time comes!

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v1.0.0 191 Oct 2nd at 8:49 AM Show Install now

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