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Category: #Tweak
Author: HoboPatch
Side: Both
Created: Mar 31st at 1:20 AM
Last modified: Mar 31st at 1:35 AM
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Latest file for v1.19.5: 1-click install

Can't figure out how to insert new version numbers into the mod folders so uh, hey! Been a while, Made a pan patch that patches panning to give you more of what you actually want! Maybe its broken, but cést la vie!

here are the stats, note the % chances go above 100 its a weighted probability chart so enjoy

Sand/Gravel can be panned for...

The rock type you are panning from 30%

Native copper 45%, since 20 nuggets are needed for an ingot this isn't too crazy in my opinion

Flint 20% also fine

Rusty Gears 10% for making trading a bit less tedious, the free market demands it

Flax Fibers 20% as I've always found that to be an annoying bottleneck in the early game for buckets and other such things.

Bony Soil can be panned for...

Bones 20%

Flax Fibers 30%

Rusty Gears 10%

Temporal gear 5% still common, an older version of this mod resulted in more temp gears than what I could bother doing with so 5% seems fine.

tin nuggets 15% so that, if youre willing to dig up a lot of bony soil and pan it, you can get to the bronze age reliably enough!

The idea is mostly to help in some community servers im in with metal getting used up by players so that everyone can at least keep copper going and perhaps get into bronze with the practically infinite sand and gravel about and with the limited but still plentiful bony soil.


There was an older version of this mod on the database, I deleted it due to me not knowing how to edit versions in ZIP files without unpacking them, I now know how to do that so hopefully I can update this as needed or add some other fun versions.

Some future pan patches

Make the stupid busted instant iron age panning, if I can figure out how to put anvils in the coding table

Make a drastically nerfed patch that only provides for copper, allowing only somoene to keep in the copper age.

Maybe tweak this one based on feedback, it may be a bit strong but thats fine. But any neat suggestions I'll fiddle with em and maybe pack em into new versions!

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