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Category: #Cheat #QoL #Tweak
Author: Cian
Side: Both
Created: Jan 31st at 12:53 AM
Last modified: Jan 31st at 12:53 AM
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I was a bit frustrated with trying to find enough resin for my mechanical building projects. Thus was born this mod - resin leaking wood blocks have the glowworm texture applied to the sides that aren't leaking resin, so you can see it from all sides. 

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v1.0.0 147 Jan 31st at 12:53 AM Show

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💬 Pervy_Sage, Feb 1st at 8:31 PM

The name of the mod doesn't match the name of the file in the mod folder.

💬 Cian, Jan 31st at 4:24 PM

Grabbed a screenshot of a leaking log. The front side looks normal, all other sides have that blue color from the glow worm texture. I debated making them actually glow, but decided that was a bit too far lol.

💬 Theisgood, Jan 31st at 2:03 AM

Would love an image :D! 

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