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Created: Apr 10th at 10:35 PM
Last modified: Jul 5th at 7:47 PM
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Latest file for v1.19.8: 1-click install



Still very much a WIP

Adds some more crops to the game:


  • Corn


  • Kidney Beans
  • Green Beans
  • Black Beans


  • Potato
  • Bell pepper (uses unimplemented vanilla pepper)
  • Tomato


  • Three Sisters
  • Sun Sisters

The Polycultures are multi plant combos that consume all nutrients to produce multiple crops in a single field

The Three Sisters use: Pumpkin, Corn, And your choice of Green, Black, or Kidney Beans.

The Sun Sisters are the same as the Three sisters, however, they also have sunflowers


I have not yet balanced the numbers, and the art is kinda ugly. I am not an artist.

Potato plants will not drop seeds. Instead, cut up the potato to get 4 seeds.

Bell Pepper is a new special type of plant. when fully ripe, you hold right click to harvest from it as if it were a berry bush. This will decrement the growth stage of the plant and provide you with the drops until a certain stage where it will stop working. Tomatoes work the same way.

Potatoes can be baked as if it were dough/bread

All crops added so far can be cooked into meals as vegetables. Corn will work as both a grain and a vegetable.
Added Vegetables should all be picklable
Compatibility for majority of expanded foods meals has been added




  • beets
  • cauliflower
  • eggplants
  • jalapenos
  • oats
  • sugar
  • beets
  • yams

I have recently found out that Pumpkins are botanically the same plant as Squash so that will be going pretty far down on my priority list for now.

if you have any questions the best way to reach me would be on discord @augentism. Ping me in a text chat but please do not DM me as I likely won't see it. I also monitor the Discord thread fairly regularly.

Linked below is a visual presentation of the evolution of the mod, if you are interested to see it's history


Known Issues:

Cooked meals with the new crops are invisible in the bowl. I have no idea how to fix this. I think some of them appear, but for the most part they're invisible.


0.0.8 Fixed some textures

0.0.7 Crop Chimeras

0.0.6 Added Polyculture Plants. Also added support for quite a few Expanded Foods recipies.

0.0.5 Added pickling support for corn and green beans. also added 3D models for bean variants. Updated localization files.

0.0.4 added some 3d models and Tomatoes

0.0.3 added bell peppers and library dependency

0.0.2 fixed a pretty egregious bug

0.0.1 initial

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💬 foggyhill, Jul 5th at 12:49 PM

Is it compatible with food extension? I'd love to see these crops made into more food

💬 DUCATISLO, Jun 28th at 4:03 PM


💬 Wizard76, May 16th at 8:21 PM

Been playing this mod for a while.

love the new crop additions. The only issue I have with the crops are the string names i.e "newworldcrops.corn.object" whatever it actually says, just an example. Kinda breaks the immersion for me. Im keeping the mod because its nice

I was confused by the potato drops at first, as I wasnt getting any seeds until I looked it up, but it makes real world sense now, as irl potatos are planted similarly [at least throughout history].

Would love to see the crops show up in the world labeled correctly though, at least for immersion sake.

But decent job so far

💬 gndrneutralnoun, May 16th at 3:29 AM

This is genuinely a great mod, good addition to the world
But also the corn flour item appearance is SO funny oml good job

💬 Wizard76, May 9th at 7:17 PM

Lentils? Cucumbers [obvious for pickles].

If you need someone to help make block models, let me know? Ive been a block modeler for "That Other Block Game" for a long time...

💬 Hydromancerx, May 1st at 11:27 PM


Thank you for using my sudgestion for the 3 sisters crop!

💬 augentismAuthor, May 1st at 9:32 PM

@Blink Cornbread dough crash should be fixed as of v0.0.6. Thanks for reporting it.

💬 Blink, Apr 30th at 7:44 PM

There is a bug when looking at the handbook page for cornbread dough that causes the game to crash. I can send the log if it would be helpful.


💬 Wizard76, Apr 19th at 9:43 PM

as you add crops and/or features, can you add screenshots please? Would be nice to have a visual of the progress of this mod. Thanks.

💬 VaelophisNyx, Apr 17th at 8:06 PM

beans could be represented with a grain-pile shape, and appropritate recolors

💬 augentismAuthor, Apr 16th at 3:57 PM

@ComradeTum This should have been fixed in the most recent 0.0.4 release. Thanks, ill take a look and see if i can reproduce tonight.

💬 ComradeTum, Apr 16th at 3:16 PM

I noticed a slight issue, with potatoes when I find them growing in the wild, block under the potato is transparent, allowing me to see through the worldtransparent ground under potatoes

💬 Pamela, Apr 16th at 2:45 PM

I will keep an eye on this one.  Compatability with Expanded Foods and Wildcraft modules is a necessity, IMHO.

💬 Wizard76, Apr 15th at 9:45 PM

watching this, very interested indeed.

💬 ToxicCrayon, Apr 13th at 9:38 PM

Commenting to just share my appeciation of your using the cornicopia FOTL logo...ya know...since it never 'existed' and all lol

💬 ComradeTum, Apr 13th at 10:58 AM

Potatoes! Yes! Nice work!

💬 VaelophisNyx, Apr 11th at 6:19 PM

lets fucking goooooo

💬 DanaCraluminum, Apr 11th at 4:40 PM

You could at least use 3D models

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