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Author: Jon15
Side: Client
Created: Jul 3rd at 1:24 PM
Last modified: Jul 16th at 2:54 PM
Downloads: 177

This mod contains the music from the game Dawn of Man for a much more Neolithic feel. I find that even with more modern tools and equipment, with how alone you feel the music fits so well. Hunting with spears and farming with stone hoes never felt so authentic!


This mod shouldn't overwrite all the songs, however I deleted a few vanilla tracks in the music json file, so if you notice tracks that used to play and now don't, let me know. It's sort of an experiment, but I don't know if it worked or not.


Also, let me know if there are any issues or bugs. There shouldn't be, but let me know and I'll see about getting them fixed.


Since the files are too big for ModDB, check the changelog in the files section for the link to the music files.


Big thanks to SmileOnSpeedDial for letting me use his music mod as a design for making this one!


Link to the music on YouTube (Uploaded by the publishers and developers of the game, Madruga Works):


Link to the game's Steam store page. If you like Neolithic stuff, you'll probably enjoy Dawn of Man, so check it out:


Link to the composer's website:


Dawn of Man and it soundtrack belongs to Madruga Works, I don't own anything apart from a copy of the game itself.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.2 101 Jul 16th at 2:54 PM Show Neolithic Music Mod Addon (The Music Player).zip
v1.0.1 76 Jul 3rd at 1:41 PM Show Neolithic Music Mod Addon (The Music Player).zip

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Lisabet, Jul 10th at 6:30 AM

Tyron mentioned here setting your mod to draft status, which may be why you can't change the logo easily (you'll probably need to work that out with him) Using a game's official logo without their written (or some form of identifiable permission) is different in my eyes at least than using a image from a film, probably would have been best to make your own in the first place tbh.  Pretty sure the Dawn of Man logo would be considered trademarked so I can certainly see where Tyron is concerned.

Jon15, Jul 7th at 4:10 PM

@Tyron Hmm, I've changed the logo but it's not updating the main logo that appears on the ModDB, that might be a glitch. Also, I noticed that there are a couple of other mods on the ModDB, one using an icon and another using an image from a film, that you might want to look into in terms of permissions as well, unless mine has been arbitrarily picked of course.

Jon15, Jul 7th at 3:49 PM

@Tyron I've changed the logo to one I made myself, hopefully that's cleared things up. Though the main image I already had mentioned that the mod featured music from Dawn of Man, so it wasn't misleading if that's the issue.

By the way, I can't find any mention of rules for mod making here that I can access easily. I'd recommend adding in a rules page for future mods so people know what they can and can't do before they get into trouble, that would be very helpful.

Tyron, Jul 7th at 7:36 AM

I've set your mod to draft status until we got that cleared up.

Tyron, Jul 5th at 8:08 AM

Hi, do you have permissions to use that games official logo?

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