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Author: Zolgrim
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Created: Apr 5th at 10:57 PM
Last modified: May 4th at 3:07 AM
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Latest file for v1.19.7:
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Mushrooms :

Part of the idea for this mod is something in the vein of "dwarvish" , this mod enables you to farm mushrooms without sunlight and even during the winter.

Ground Growing :

  • Dimple Cups : Dimple Cups, also known as 'Frost Caps', these hardy mushrooms aren't very filling nor taste particularly good, but can be used for a blue dye. Dies at -50c
  • Golden Loaf - -12c , 75/135 Grain - Orange dye - A Starchy mushroom that can be processed into a flatbread or an ale.
    • Dwarvish Ale - A rather potent alcohol not for the faint of heart made from Golden Loaves, unfortunately compared to dwarf wine their ale spoils quite quickly; not that, that's ever a problem for dwarves!
  • Pig Tails : Pig Tails are a strange mushroom, nigh inedible due to poor palatability and it's fibrous nature. These mushrooms must be left in a barrel to loosen the fibres to be used. Dies at -20c
  • Plump Helmets : Plump Helmets, a Dwarven mushroom said to be distantly related to witch hat mushrooms. These mushrooms while not particularly filling are a staple and extremely easy to farm, they can also be brewed into Dwarven wine. Dies at -30c
  • Ut-Zathudal : -20c , 25/50 Protein
  • Vanilla Mushrooms : Die at 0c.
  • Waxcap - Red Dye - 3x into "wax" , -5c , 40/85 Vegetable

Side Growing :

  • Basilisk venom - 20/40 Dairy Saturation - -15hp Raw - White dye -10c
    • This poisonous and rare mushroom spreads it's spores by a unique mechanism, the 'fang' of the mushroom drips a sticky calcium rich poison that's laden with spores, on contact with a small animal such as a squirrel or rabbit they'll die within a few hours and the spores will take root.
  • Dwarves' Beard : Dwarves' Beard, a mushroom that grows fine strands of hair that can be weaved into Dwarvish silk. Dies at -15c
  • Tinder Hoof : (Vanilla) Don't die at any temp.
  • Vanilla Mushrooms: Die at 0c.
  • Zubarf - Yellow dye - A psychotropic mushroom that tastes a bit like sour onion. -25c , 30/60 veg sat, has deliterious effects.

Substrate :

  • Substrate is what is needed to farm mushrooms, to craft it you need : Logs, high quality soil or tera preta, grain and dry grass.
  • When you make the substrate, if you plant a ground growing mushroom in it, make sure it's surrounded by dirt in a 7 wide radius around it.
    • If it's a tree growing mushroom, make sure you use the correct log and place it on top of the substrate. (check the mushroom's text for deciduous, conifer or tropical)

Flowers :

  • Flowers are simple, take a flower, put it into the crafting grid with a knife and you get seeds.
  • Plant the seeds in dirt in a region or season with appropriate temperature and you get more flowers.
    • I might add herbs later.

Misc :

  • Amadou: Take 3 Tinderhoof and put it into a barrel with nitre and you get leather
  • Nitre : Take saltpeter and put it in a barrel with an equal amount of water.
  • Pies : Mushroom pies, simple as.

To Do :

  • EF Compat?
  • Herbs?

Known Issues :

  • Might cause a clash with wildcraft?
  • Error with 'tree-heath'


Note : This mod is a fork off of Wild Farming - Revival, credits to JakeCool19 and SpearAndFang.
Thanks to : CaptainsOats for help in tidying up the code.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v1.0.2 1245 May 4th at 3:07 AM Show Mushroomz Install now
v1.0.1 369 Apr 28th at 1:37 AM Show Mushroomz Install now
v1.0.0 715 Apr 5th at 11:06 PM Show Mushroomz Install now

18 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 Bl0ckparty, Jun 21st at 6:03 PM

Would love for this to be compatible with Herbarium and affiliated mods by Gabb, Primitive Survival by SpearAndFang, and Expanded Foods by l33tmaan.

💬 Marlim, Jun 1st at 12:36 AM

Does this mod allow you to multiply reeds and papyrus? Zolgrim

💬 Novabella, May 31st at 7:07 AM

The tooltip for plump helmets states they grow on deciduous trees, but everything else calls them a ground mushroom.

💬 Maamessu, May 15th at 6:27 AM

I commend you for forking Wild Farming and wish you luck in the development of Mushroomz. I personally believe that mod is cursed, and I'm lowkey curious to see what weird bugs you encounter as time goes on. 😆

💬 ZolgrimAuthor, May 1st at 1:43 PM

Dhegi depends which mushroom but most should spawn in temperate decidious, there's a couple that prefer conifer or tropical forests however.

💬 Dhegi, Apr 30th at 11:12 PM

What biomes do these spawn in, in a Survival world?

💬 VaelophisNyx, Apr 30th at 1:42 AM

Clicking on part-baked pounded golden loaf crashes the game

💬 VaelophisNyx, Apr 28th at 6:30 AM

Auios If I am not mistaken, yes

💬 Auios, Apr 28th at 3:56 AM

Is this compatible with Mushroom Roulette?

💬 VaelophisNyx, Apr 21st at 8:17 PM

Expanded Foods support would be nice (all you'd need to add are language strings, shapes (can copy/paste from EF and tweak to make it use your textures and such), and maybe textures)

💬 Wizard76, Apr 15th at 9:51 PM

very interested in this.

Does it work in 1.19.3? keeping an eye on this one.


💬 EastboundAura88, Apr 7th at 9:15 PM

Can you add a line to the tool tips of seeds to show what type of tree they grow into? Would make it easier to plant tree growing mushrooms knowing what is a "tropical" tree

💬 itinerare, Apr 6th at 9:25 PM

I'd assumed as much as well; I might test and see but am not too fussed about it either way.

💬 ZolgrimAuthor, Apr 6th at 9:03 PM

UA_Shaman I was working on this before that mod had been released.

itinerare I can only assume it does. It might not if you disable the flower farming and mushroom farming through WF's config.

pabadger Urist McUrist likes Dwarves' Beards as it reminds him of his mother.

💬 pabadger, Apr 6th at 2:50 PM

Play a lot of dwarf fortress, do you? ;D

💬 itinerare, Apr 6th at 1:52 PM

Does this mod conflict with wild farming? It's noted that this mod is a fork of it, but no particulars beyond that.

💬 XurxoMF, Apr 6th at 8:52 AM

Ngl, I preffer planting flowers this way XD

EDIT: Is working fine on 1.19.7

💬 UA_Shaman, Apr 6th at 6:22 AM

An interesting mod that I personally was waiting for. Only there is a nuance, there is already reproduction of flowers, it is not very good to combine two mod for growing flowers. The mod for flowers - Why don't you focus on the mushroom field? It would be great!

(edit comment delete)