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Author: Chumber
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Created: May 14th 2023 at 1:22 PM
Last modified: May 14th 2023 at 1:22 PM
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Historically, parchment from hide was made using the skin of much larger animals than the common hare, such as goats, sheep, etc. This goes a step further, allowing all sizes of hide, with a sliding scale of returns based on hide size.

In vanilla, a full batch of 25 small scraped hides will net you that many parchment, which is about 3 books worth of parchment per batch.

Medium scraped hides will produce 3 parchment for 36 per 50 gallon batch, for 4 books plus extra paper.

Large produces 5 parchment each, 5 books per batch of 8.

And finally, if you've managed to slay 5 bears, or stumbled upon their inability to swim, huge scraped hides will produce a whopping 10 parchment each, for 6 books per batch.

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