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Category: #Tweak #Utility
Author: Fuami
Side: Both
Created: Jul 29th at 4:24 AM
Last modified: Jul 29th at 4:26 AM
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A mod that literally gives you more dry grass.

Have you ever swung your new fancy scythe and gaped on in object horror as four pieces of grass dropped from the giant forest like grassland you just carved a path through? Yes? Then you might like this, it increases dry grass drops based on the length of grass ( by chance )

Its based on the size of the grass you cut, and by default it only applies to scythes.

These is manageable in the config see below for info on that.

By Default short grass is 10% for extra, Medium Short is 25%, Medium is 50%, Tall is 100%, and Very Tall has 25% chance to give THREE WHOLE DRY GRASS! Exciting I know.


Not much else to say, hopefully it works well and people will enjoy seeing the dry grass rain down around them in a glorious shower of... dry... grass.

Config File:

By default this is a scythe only feature, but you can adjust it to knives, or both, if you do false for both why did you install the mod?
for_knives = false;
for_scythes = true;

chances are defined as follows,

0.1 is 10% for an extra.
1.0 is 100% for an extra.
1.5 is 100% for one extra, and 50% for a third grass.
2.0 ( the max ) is 3 grass all the time.

chances_veryshort = 0;
chances_short = 0.1;
chances_mediumshort = 0.25;
chances_medium = 0.5;
chances_tall = 1;
chances_verytall = 1.25;

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v0.2.0 422 Jul 29th at 4:26 AM Show

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321BoltsOfLight, Sep 30th at 2:34 AM

Beautiful, reduces a little of the grind in a sensible and fun way. Thank you!

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