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Created: Feb 17th at 3:38 AM
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More Animals Mod v1.2.3

This mod adds new animals for you to hunt or nurture as you please, currently this mod includes Ring-necked Pheasants which will spawn in temperate areas which are between 8 and 28 degrees C, Golden Pheasants that spawn in tropical areas which are above 24 degrees C, Capercaillies that spawn in subarctic areas which are between -26 and 10 degrees C. All three game birds will spawn in areas that have at least 32% rainfall and at least 40% forest or shrub coverage, they both show distinct sexual dimorphism with the males having highly decorative plumage and distinct calls and the hens having much plainer plumage and vocalisations, Capercaillies display the largest difference between the body volume between the cock and hen with the hens being much smaller than the stout, wide males and the males produce more meat as a result.
Pheasants, Golden Pheasants and Capercaillies provide more poultry meat and feathers than chickens (with the larger males producing more than the hens) and will eat grain from small troughs like chickens but will also eat grain dropped on the ground, you can employ this to lure wild birds into an enclosure.
This mod also adds a new nest box block which uses the recipe of the henbox, all birds can lay eggs in it and sit on it to incubate any fertile eggs held inside. The new nest box displays what species can use the nest box, what eggs are contained inside it, what species laid the eggs and whether the eggs are fertile or not when you move your mouse over the nestbox block. Any species can incubate eggs held within a nestbox as long as it's considered full (when it contains three eggs) regardless of what eggs are held within as long as at least one is fertile.
When the eggs hatch the chicks which will grow up into poults after 7 days and the poults will be fully grown adults after a further 7 days requiring a total of two in-game weeks to fully mature.

Japanese translation courtesy of user Macoto_hino.

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v1.2.3 3897 Apr 11th at 8:47 PM Show
v1.2.2 916 Mar 26th at 11:52 PM Show
v1.2.1 825 Mar 11th at 11:08 PM Show
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💬 Yanazake, Nov 30th at 2:32 PM

Wait, this mod has no forum area. Guess I'm posting it here. This is a pt-br.json translation file for Brazilian Portuguese :)

"item-handbooktitle-creature-pheasant-*": "Cuidados e criação",
"item-handbooktext-creature-pheasant-*": "Faisões, Faisões-dourados e Tetraz-grandes são criados do mesmo jeito que galinhas são criadas; você pode alimentá-los com grãos em cochos pequenos ou alternativamente alimentá-los jogando grão ou frutas no chão para que se alimentem, mas não vão botar ovos no chão - então ou eles usarão uma caixa de ninho comum para botar seus ovos ou eles criarão seus próprios ninhos que apenas sua espécie pode usar. Quando a fêmea botar três ovos no ninho, ela precisará incubá-los por cinco dias até que choquem. Pintinhos de faisão, faisão-dourado and tetraz-grande precisam de sete dias para amadurecerem ao estado jovem, e as aves jovens precisam de outros sete dias para ficarem adultos, precisando de duas semanas num total para chegar à maturidade.",

"item-creature-pheasant-cock": "Faisão macho",
"item-creature-pheasant-hen": "Faisão fêmea",
"item-creature-pheasant-chick": "Pintinho de faisão",
"item-creature-pheasant-cockpoult": "Faisão jovem",
"item-creature-pheasant-henpoult": "Faisão jovem",
"itemdesc-creature-pheasant-cock": "Faisão macho",
"itemdesc-creature-pheasant-hen": "Faisão fêmea",
"itemdesc-creature-pheasant-chick": "Pintinho de faisão",
"itemdesc-creature-pheasant-cockpoult": "Faisão jovem",
"itemdesc-creature-pheasant-henpoult": "Faisão jovem",
"item-dead-creature-pheasant-cock": "Faisão macho morto",
"item-dead-creature-pheasant-hen": "Faisão fêmea morto",
"item-dead-creature-pheasant-chick": "Pintinho morto de faisão",
"item-dead-creature-pheasant-cockpoult": "Faisão jovem morto",
"item-dead-creature-pheasant-henpoult": "Faisão jovem morto",

"item-creature-goldenpheasant-cock": "Faisão-dourado macho",
"item-creature-goldenpheasant-hen": "Faisão-dourado fêmea",
"item-creature-goldenpheasant-chick": "Pintinho de faisão-dourado",
"item-creature-goldenpheasant-cockpoult": "Faisão-dourado jovem",
"item-creature-goldenpheasant-henpoult": "Faisão-dourado jovem",
"itemdesc-creature-goldenpheasant-cock": "Faisão-dourado macho",
"itemdesc-creature-goldenpheasant-hen": "Faisão-dourado fêmea",
"itemdesc-creature-goldenpheasant-chick": "Pintinho de faisão-dourado",
"itemdesc-creature-goldenpheasant-cockpoult": "Faisão-dourado jovem",
"itemdesc-creature-goldenpheasant-henpoult": "Faisão-dourado jovem",
"item-dead-creature-goldenpheasant-cock": "Faisão-dourado macho morto",
"item-dead-creature-goldenpheasant-hen": "Faisão-dourado fêmea morto",
"item-dead-creature-goldenpheasant-chick": "Pintinho morto de Faisão-dourado",
"item-dead-creature-goldenpheasant-cockpoult": "Faisão-dourado jovem morto",
"item-dead-creature-goldenpheasant-henpoult": "Faisão-dourado jovem morto",

"item-creature-capercaillie-cock": "Galo tetraz-grande",
"item-creature-capercaillie-hen": "Galinha tetraz-grande",
"item-creature-capercaillie-chick": "Pintinho tetraz-grande",
"item-creature-capercaillie-cockpoult": "Tetraz-grande jovem",
"item-creature-capercaillie-henpoult": "Tetraz-grande jovem",
"itemdesc-creature-capercaillie-cock": "Galo tetraz-grande",
"itemdesc-creature-capercaillie-hen": "Galinha tetraz-grande",
"itemdesc-creature-capercaillie-chick": "Pintinho tetraz-grande",
"itemdesc-creature-capercaillie-cockpoult": "Tetraz-grande jovem",
"itemdesc-creature-capercaillie-henpoult": "tetraz-grande jovem",
"item-dead-creature-capercaillie-cock": "Galo tetraz-grande morto",
"item-dead-creature-capercaillie-hen": "Galinha tetraz-grande morta",
"item-dead-creature-capercaillie-chick": "Pintinho tetraz-grande morto",
"item-dead-creature-capercaillie-cockpoult": "Tetraz-grande jovem morto",
"item-dead-creature-capercaillie-henpoult": "Tetraz-grande jovem morto",

"game:item-creature-pheasant-chick": "Pintinho de faisão",
"game:itemdesc-creature-pheasant-chick": "Pintinho de faisão",
"game:item-dead-creature-pheasant-chick": "Pintinho morto de faisão",

"game:item-creature-goldenpheasant-chick": "Pintinho de faisão-dourado",
"game:itemdesc-creature-goldenpheasant-chick": "Pintinho de faisão-dourado",
"game:item-dead-creature-goldenpheasant-chick": "Pintinho morto de faisão-dourado",

"game:item-creature-capercaillie-chick": "Pintinho tetraz-grande",
"game:itemdesc-creature-capercaillie-chick": "Pintinho tetraz-grande",
"game:item-dead-creature-capercaillie-chick": "Pintinho tetraz-grande morto",

"block-nestbox-empty": "Ninho* (Vazio)",
"block-nestbox-1egg": "Ninho* (1 ovo)",
"block-nestbox-2eggs": "Ninho* (2 ovos)",
"block-nestbox-3eggs": "Ninho (3 ovos)",

"block-egg-pheasant-1": "Ovo de faisão",
"block-egg-pheasant-2": "Ovos de faisão (2)",
"block-egg-pheasant-3": "Ovos de faisão (3)",
"block-egg-pheasant-broken": "Ovo de faisão quebrado",

"block-egg-goldenpheasant-1": "Ovo de faisão-dourado",
"block-egg-goldenpheasant-2": "Ovos de faisão-dourado (2)",
"block-egg-goldenpheasant-3": "Ovos de faisão-dourado (3)",
"block-egg-goldenpheasant-broken": "Ovo quebrado de faisão-dourado",

"block-egg-goldenpheasant-1": "Ovo de tetraz-grande",
"block-egg-goldenpheasant-2": "Ovos de tetraz-grande (2)",
"block-egg-goldenpheasant-3": "Ovos de tetraz-grande (3)",
"block-egg-goldenpheasant-broken": "Ovo quebrado de tetraz-grande",

"item-egg-pheasant-raw": "Ovo cru de faisão",
"item-egg-goldenpheasant-raw": "Ovo cru de faisão dourado",
"item-egg-capercaillie-raw": "Ovo cru de tetraz-grande",

"recipeingredient-item-egg-pheasant-raw": "ovos de faisão",
"recipeingredient-item-egg-goldenpheasant-raw": "ovos de faisão-dourado",
"recipeingredient-item-egg-capercaillie-raw": "ovos de tetraz-grande",

"recipeingredient-item-egg-pheasant-raw-insturmentalcase": "ovos de faisão",
"recipeingredient-item-egg-goldenpheasant-raw-insturmentalcase": "ovos de faisão-dourado",
"recipeingredient-item-egg-capercaillie-raw-insturmentalcase": "ovos de tetraz-grande"


💬 TheNiteFox, Nov 7th at 4:04 AM

This mod still works perfectly fine in 1.17.6 and doesn't throw any errors. Havn't ran into any issues with it with any other creature adding mods either :)

Love the variety of birds this adds. Sometimes its just nice to see different animals 😄

💬 Pamela, Aug 25th at 2:32 AM

Will this mod work in v. 1.17 rc. 5??

💬 gndrneutralnoun, Jul 12th at 3:16 PM

I found a capercaille cock and hen and caught them with the Animal Cages mod, brought them to an enclosure, and set up some food troughs and a nestbox for them. For some reason though, I come back and the birds have just vanished. No dead bodies or anything, just... gone. I thought at first it was wolves (I set up my base in a forest, haha) but I spawned in some more capercailles for myself and they vanished, too. Fence was double-height, so I highly doubt they escaped. Could you investigate this?

Also, compatibility with Farm Life would be great, but that's just an aside.

💬 BlueFuryDragon, Jun 12th at 9:18 AM

I'm using this mod in 1.16.5.


💬 BlueFuryDragon, Jun 12th at 9:18 AM

Pheasant eggs don't seem to work with Expanded Foods...


💬 Catasteroid, May 6th at 3:16 AM

Jaketoadie If you're in the Vintage Story discord server you can DM me on discord, my username is the same there as it is here, or you could provide me the logs by putting them on The bug only occurs when you're looking at a nest box with (presumably) both a capercaillie and pheasant egg in it right? I'll take a look and see if I can reproduce the bug, if you're willing you can help me by trying to reproduce the bug yourself in single player where the exceptions it causes won't boot you.

💬 Jaketoadie, May 5th at 3:52 AM

I seem to have a repeatable bug with a nest box that contains 2 different eggs. I have a ranch wtih both Pheasants and Capercaillies, and as soon as I look at a nest box, that I believe contains eggs from both the game crashes. I have disabled all other mods and experience the same crash. I have saved the logs from a crash with all other mods disabled I could provide if you need them and have some way for me to pass them over.

💬 zonochromatica, May 2nd at 8:04 PM

does it work on 1.16.5 stable?

💬 Catasteroid, Apr 11th at 8:44 PM

Lisabet Wow I missed that one, I'll upload a fix immediately

💬 Lisabet, Apr 5th at 12:57 PM

golden pheasant cocks are spawning in with normal pheasant females; I haven't managed to find a single golden pheasant hen :(

(literally watched a group spawn in and all the hens were normal pheasant and so were the chicks)

💬 fancygoat, Apr 2nd at 6:36 PM

I love your mod and the work you have done on the birds, they are absolutly stunning.

I would also suggest you make more pheasant variants if possible so you can get a collection (gotta cathc them all) thing going.  I would especially love to see the silver pheasant, blood pheasant and green pheseant in this mod:) also, chech out all theese awsome birds:

💬 radfast, Mar 16th at 5:51 PM

Really nice mod, I love the look of the birds and the way you have extended the henbox.

💬 justinmcintyre9, Mar 12th at 8:15 PM

hey i wondering would it be possible to add zombie spiders mutants and vehicals

💬 macoto_hino, Mar 11th at 5:20 AM

Translated More Animals v1.2.0.😬

MoreAnimals-1.2.0 - ja.json

💬 Vinter_Nacht, Mar 8th at 1:50 AM

Might I suggest the addition of a Common Nightingale in support of Ukraine? It's their national bird.

💬 macoto_hino, Feb 22nd at 4:14 AM

Translated More Animals v1.1.0.

MoreAnimals-1.1.0 - ja.json

💬 Catasteroid, Feb 22nd at 2:09 AM

macoto_hino Thank you so much for this, I've added the Japanese translation to each mod, for some of them the translation will be included when I release further updates and for some others I will release a new version just with the translation soon. I've just added a new release of More Animals today that includes the Golden Pheasant and Capercaillie and I'd appreciate an updated translation if you have the time spare to do it. Thanks again.

💬 Dascha, Feb 21st at 7:50 PM

really love this mod the model is really nice and the sounds are awesome really look forward to a pheasant farm of my own :) it would be really cool if they could feed out of feeding troughs :)

💬 Minni6in, Feb 19th at 12:49 AM

add another animal so the name makes more sense 😛

💬 macoto_hino, Feb 18th at 9:38 PM

@Catasteroid I thought about putting it off, but the amount of translation seemed small, so I stayed up all night to translate it. I'll post them on each mod's page.😆

💬 Catasteroid, Feb 18th at 7:22 PM

macoto_hino That's ok! You don't have to do it at all even, I'd appreciate it if you did though. 

💬 macoto_hino, Feb 18th at 5:28 PM


When playing on my own, I prioritize translating the mods I have installed, so it is a bit difficult for me to translate other mods you are making into Japanese.
However, I don't know how long it will take, but I might do it when I finish the mods I'm translating now.

💬 Catasteroid, Feb 18th at 4:49 PM

macoto_hino Thank you very much for this translation, I really appreciate it. If it's not too much to ask could you make a Japanese translation for a couple of my other mods please? I'd like a translation for Hide and Fabric, More Bags, Spider Silk, More Roofing and Sterile Bandages if that's ok, thanks again.

💬 macoto_hino, Feb 17th at 11:16 PM

This is a Japanese language file. Please use it if you like.😀

MoreAnimals-1.0.2 - ja.json

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