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Author: Apache
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Created: 4 days ago
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Minimal Mapping

Limited mapping functionality for a more immersive world.

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Key Bindings

  • Disabled 'M' Key Binding
  • Disabled 'V' Key Binding


  • Disabled "Show Coordinates HUD" in Settings Menu.
  • Disabled coordinates being shown when hovering over the mini-map.
  • Disabled mini-map scrolling.
  • Mini-map zoom levels now range from 2 to 6, rather than 0.25 to 6.
  • Mini-map zoom level defaults to 3, rather than 2.
  • Waypoints cannot be pinned. I've re-written both the '/waypoint' command, and the Add/Edit Waypoint GUIs.
  • Coordinates HUD disabled by default, and cannot be enabled.
  • Mini-map visible by default, but can still be manually hidden by player.

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💬 Vinter_Nacht, 3 days ago

I really like what you've done here. It gives you a sense of situational awareness (close-up map view) without storing a world map in your head. Could you make the minimum zoom range configurable? In case someone may want to lock it to 3 rather than allowing to change to 2 from 3.

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