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Author: Rangelost
Side: Client
Created: 5 days ago
Last modified: 2 days ago
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Latest file for v1.18.0: 1-click install

This is a simple mod with the objective of simplifying the world map. It is not helpful in any way.

WARNING: Read carefully before considering installing this mod.

This mod replaces the way world maps are drawn. It does not stylize your existing world maps entirely. Only chunks that are loaded while this mod is active will be drawn in the new style. Inversely, if you disable this mod, the chunks will not be reverted to their original version until they are loaded again.

Before using this mod, it is highly recommended that you create a backup of your maps (.../VintagestoryData/Maps/).


Upon running the mod, a medievalmap.json config file will be created or updated in the game's ModConfig directory. The available options are:

  • ink_colour: hex colour code for most non-natural blocks and outlines.
  • land_colour: hex colour code for land.
  • road_colour: hex colour code for roads and farmland.
  • plant_colour: hex colour code for most plants.
  • water_colour: hex colour code for water.
  • ice_colour: hex colour code for permanent ice, such as glaciers.
  • lava_colour: hex colour code for lava (currently unused).
  • high_colour: hex colour code to denote high altitude, such as mountains.
  • low_colour: hex colour code to denote low altitude, such as holes.
  • generic_shadow_colour: hex colour code for most shading.
  • plant_shadow_colour: hex colour code for plant shading.
  • generic_grid_colour: hex colour code for the grid.
  • water_grid_colour: hex colour code for the grid over water.
  • generic_grid_opacity: opacity of the grid (between 0 and 1).
  • ocean_grid_opacity: opacity of the grid over oceans (between 0 and 1).

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v1.2.0 54 2 days ago Show Install now
v1.1.1 42 3 days ago Show Install now
v1.1.0 95 5 days ago Show Install now
v1.0.0 13 5 days ago Show Install now

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💬 Rangelost, 12 hours ago

I do not think most players would like it!

💬 Tyron, 18 hours ago

Seriously nice visuals, this should be in the vanilla game :D

💬 Rangelost, 1 day ago

I understand. The grid is visible over the entire map. However, by default, it is more opaque over oceans — both to create a dinstinction between freshwater and saltwater, and to stylize oceans like an old sea chart.

As I have mentioned before, the grid can be disabled (by setting the grid opacity values to 0) and the colour of water can be changed. Keep in mind that without a visible grid, however, large bodies of water will appear as one single colour, which can be disorienting.

💬 NateDoesLife, 1 day ago

Ok yes, I am referring to the grid sections that when you compare your two screenshots the one is clearly water (the old style) and the other is clearly just the grid (your new style). Thats what I was asking about if there was a way to make that grid that is in the place of water from the oroginal map style screenshot show up as actual water or if it was intentially set to just show the grid there instead. Like do you have water just set to not show up in your screenshot (basically have it fully opaque so only the grid shows?) 

Thats fine if the color can be changed/set, your screenshots showing the grid instead of color for water is what brought on my original question.

💬 Rangelost, 1 day ago

A black and white map can look many different ways depending on how you choose to configure the colours. I do not know what you are asking for specifically. You can try experimenting in a new world later.

The map files are indeed poorly named. For now, you can figure out which one is which by loading a world, then quitting the game, and looking at the files' Date modified detail. The file with the current date should match the world that was just loaded.

Blank is not a colour — if it were blank, then the world map window's dark brown texture would show through. Perhaps the grid is what confuses you. Either way, both the colour and the grid opacity can now be configured to your liking. For example, you could set the water_colour to #485860 which is a bluish gray.

💬 NateDoesLife, 1 day ago

Interesting, from your screenshots the green clearly looks like trees while the water spots are just kinda blank. Maybe Im looking at it weird however...

💬 Edel_Recke, 1 day ago
Regarding the mod and the circumstance of the map generation:

There wa a way to completely reset the map by deleting a file! Maybe someone know what file. 


Maybe the latest  files in "...\VintagestoryData\Maps"? 


💬 Craluminum, 1 day ago

I'm very far from my home. What black-white map looks like? Could you please include it into gallery?

💬 Rangelost, 2 days ago

The green indicates water. It is simply green instead of blue. I have added a config file in v1.2.0 in which you can customize the colours if you would prefer the water to be blue instead.

Note that you will need to run the new version of the mod once before the medievalmap.json config file is generated in the ModConfig folder.

💬 NateDoesLife, 2 days ago

Was thinking that maybe instead of just the blank sections that indicate water maybe put a blue hue in there, nothing major or anything but but kinda like how you have the green in those sections blue for the water. Just a thought btw, if ya dont feel it fits the mod or anything thats fine as well, its super cool as is.

💬 Rangelost, 2 days ago

I'm not sure I understand how I could make the water appear any less blank than it would normally be. The map is drawn based on the topmost blocks (as calculated by the game), which in the ocean is nothing but water. If you have a better idea, feel free to elaborate.

As for performance, this mod only affects the drawing of the map. It has no impact on the loading of the map when it is opened — which, to be fair, is rather poorly optimized in the base game, but that is beyond the scope of this mod.

💬 NateDoesLife, 2 days ago

Any chance you can texture the water in a way related to the map? I play on a mostly water world so it would end up looking very "blank" with this mod. Also does this take extra resources on the map loading? Currently in my world when I open the map and its loading the display its VERY slow and somewhat laggy.

💬 Rangelost, 2 days ago

I only make mods to fix my issues with the game. I don't take requests. Sorry about that!

Icons are outside of this mod's scope. That said, you could simply create an icon texture pack, much like my Pixel Waypoints mod, and use it together with this mod.

💬 Craluminum, 2 days ago

Mod idea: Make torches immediately extinguish in containers, and normally when in hand

💬 SmeeSlug, 2 days ago

As in creating the icon art? If so, I'll keep it in mind :) might be able to put some together for you


💬 Craluminum, 2 days ago

Mod idea: auto fill of pit kiln

💬 Rangelost, 2 days ago

I do not have a public Discord account. If you have any feedback related to one of my mods, here is the place to post it.

💬 Craluminum, 2 days ago

Do you have discord account? Can't find it anywhere, i have no access to official vs discord 

💬 Rangelost, 4 days ago

I'm just making it the way I think it should be, but I'm glad some people enjoy it as well.

It would be! Alas, graphics are above my pay grade.

Sometimes, less is more!

💬 dakko, 4 days ago

Wow, what a difference! That looks really nice.

💬 SmeeSlug, 4 days ago

Would be awesome to have some matching waypoint icons!


💬 ThreeHeadedDingo, 5 days ago

Somehow when I saw the mod thumbnail, I knew this was one of yours. We have alarmingly similar taste in the kinds of mods we want to see. lol

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