Mods / Larch Logs for Tannin

Category: #Crafting #QoL
Author: _Mason
Side: Server
Created: Oct 13th at 8:13 PM
Last modified: Oct 18th at 9:31 PM
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If you tried to start your survival world in a chilly region, you've met across the issue of not being able to tan leather because neither oak or acacia grow at such low temperatures. Larch contains a lot of tannin, so I can't see the reason why you shouldn't be able to extract it from larch logs.

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Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.1.0 122 Oct 18th at 9:31 PM Show
v1.0.0 104 Oct 13th at 8:14 PM Show

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💬 _Mason, Oct 19th at 3:45 PM

greed23 Mh... that usually happens when the folder is compressed or there are a folder too many inside, doesn't it?

Looking into it, it turns out I did go a little contrary to what pretty much every other mod on the DB and had a folder with the files inside a same-named .zip folder. It's a thing that takes no time at all to correct on the user end, but at the same time it's something that would take me no time at all to fix as well. Be there in a sec.

EDIT: fixed, now it's following the same rules as everyone else.

💬 greed23, Oct 18th at 11:19 PM

Hi! Couldn't help but notice, the mod doesn't seem to want to load? It fails to enable, according to the mods screen.

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