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Author: Buggi
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Created: Jan 21st at 11:25 PM
Last modified: Aug 30th at 11:10 PM
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Enables use of the Fruit Press to process Honeycomb.


10 wax in, 10 pressed wax out, 9.89 liters of honey. I have not been able to find a way to force the ratio so you'll always have a little less than a bucketful.

If you would rather have less honey per comb and don't care about the wax reduction, then edit the patch file in the mod, look for entry "litresPerItem" and set to 0.3125 which would give you 32 honeycomb =10 litres of honey with 10 pressed wax back. Then edit the grid recipe to output 3 wax from the pressed wax item. 32 honeycomb in 30 back, not as bad a loss as before. OR to have no loss, input quantity should be 10 pressed wax, then set output to 32 beeswax to give no loss.

Also, since the fruit press adds attributes to the wax when you press it, the resulting 10 pressed wax WILL NOT STACK with other pressed wax. You can see why by using the command .edi and looking at the pressed wax with shift key pressed, this shows you the details of items and their attributes. Convert the pressed wax back into normal beeswax in the crafting grid to get back the stackable vanilla beeswax.

Anyway, thanks for reading! Enjoy the mod!

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💬 Barhandar, Jul 18th at 12:58 PM

The 9.89L error is caused by the press code rather than you. As others have said, making it so you can press less than 10L at a time is one possible solution.

Also, Expanded Foods also adds honey pressing, so if you have that, you don't need this mod.

💬 OpPointBaker, Apr 26th at 4:57 AM

IDK about the honey, but a workaround for fruit is to only press 16 at a time. You will press out exactly 5L of juice. Makes it more time consuming, but no loss of juice.

💬 Buggi, Apr 25th at 7:57 PM

Thanks @Janub I did just that. The mod still has ample benefit (10/10 ratio) than doing it by hand. As I use honey for a LOT of recipes I wanted a real benefit to using the press. Read the description above for help on changing that ratio fairly simply for your game to whatever ratio you want.

I still haven't found a way to force the litres per item, the press always gives less than the total amount it should.

💬 Janub, Feb 6th at 11:30 PM

I really like the concept of this mod and might have an idea to solve both problems outlined in the description: Instead of returning wax directly from the press, you could instead output some sort of "pressed wax block" item, which can be crafted into some number of wax items. This way you can balance both wax and honey output to be more in line with the vanilla yield, and at the same time clear the attributes (I think). The only disadvantage would be the addition of a new item, which would also need new textures, but you might be able to reuse the model of the vanilla pressed mash item and just change the texture to something more wax-like.

💬 Lunchbox, Feb 3rd at 5:44 AM

Really love this mod, however as of 1.16.3 it doesn't seem to be working.

💬 VincentMorgan, Jan 25th at 7:20 PM

Pressed honey is a thing. Some beekeepers say it makes the honey even better and healthier than when centrifuged. Good QoL mod for those who like keeping a lot of bees

💬 Oldman, Jan 22nd at 12:01 AM

to press honey, this is something new 🤔


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