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Author: Nionidh
Side: Both
Created: Mar 6th at 7:45 PM
Last modified: Mar 7th at 8:05 PM
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Latest file for v1.19.4: 1-click install

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Hanging Basket

Craft a Rope above a Reed Chest and dangle it from the ceiling. Has 8 storage slots - just like the reed chest!

Hanging Flowerpot

Craft a Rope above a Flowerpot. Supports all (except raw) flowerpots.


  • Hanging Vessels
  • Support for Bricklayers' Flowerpots
  • Support for WildCraft: Trees' Wattle Basket
  • Support for AncientTools' Bark Basket


As this is a content-only mod, it should pretty much work on any 1.18 and 1.19 version, however it is most thoroughly tested in 1.18.

Known Problems

  • In the current version, there was a small oversight within the recipes, regarding raw flowerpots, so there will be the following warnigns:
    [Server Warning] Failed resolving crafting recipe ingredient with code hangingbaskets:hangingflowerpot-raw in Grid recipe
    [Server Error] Grid Recipe 'hangingbaskets:recipes/grid/hangingflowerpot.json': Output Block code hangingbaskets:hangingflowerpot-raw cannot be resolved
    These warnings are no reason to worry tho and will be gone in the next version.



If you have ideas or requests for more stuff you wanna dangle, drop by in the comments or in the issues on github.


Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v1.1.0 5959 Mar 7th at 8:05 PM Show Install now
v1.0.0 111 Mar 6th at 8:16 PM Show Install now

18 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 MrTango, Jul 9th at 5:20 PM

Can we get a recipe for disassembling the hanging item back into item and rope?

💬 C0rmac, Mar 12th at 6:24 PM

Adorable indeed ! At last there's better places for my flowerpots than being ignored in some corner !
Works flawless on 1.19.3

💬 NionidhAuthor, Mar 10th at 8:29 PM

Selfeya and xXx_Ape_xXx yup, those warnings do exist on 1.18 too, i accidentally created a recipe for hanging raw flowerpots, which obviously do not exist, oopsie :D I'll get that fixed in the next version.

💬 NionidhAuthor, Mar 10th at 8:21 PM

I will definitely also look into supporting other mods - especially bricklayers sounds nice!

💬 NionidhAuthor, Mar 10th at 7:43 PM

RosstheGreat Thats a great idea, ill definitely add that.

💬 l33tmaan, Mar 10th at 6:12 AM


💬 Selfeya, Mar 10th at 12:12 AM

Re: Ape's comment, the errors I get on load for 1.19.4 are:

[Server Warning] Failed resolving crafting recipe ingredient with code hangingbaskets:hangingflowerpot-raw in Grid recipe
[Server Error] Grid Recipe 'hangingbaskets:recipes/grid/hangingflowerpot.json': Output Block code hangingbaskets:hangingflowerpot-raw cannot be resolved
💬 RosstheGreat, Mar 8th at 9:15 PM

Hanging vessels might be neat too, though maybe a little big, but it would be amazing to place vessels in a cellar without having weird shelves for them if you want double stacks.
I love the flowerpots and baskets though! This is adorable! 100% adding it to my server.

💬 Maamessu, Mar 8th at 4:44 AM

Hasn't exploded on 1.19.4 yet.

I have a compatibility request of the ages: Ancient Tool's bark baskets, and Wildcraft: Trees wattle baskets.

Bricklayers compatibility for flowerpots would also be great.

💬 SuaveDoggo, Mar 8th at 12:49 AM

Does this include support for Bricklayers flower pots ??

💬 xXx_Ape_xXx, Mar 7th at 10:33 PM

We're talking about adding this to our community server, witch is 1.19.4, and we probably won't add it before it's confirmed to not cause any problems on that version. I'm doing my own testing in the meantime, and so far the only problem I've come accross is the server throwing two errors when initializing, but the mod still works when in game. I will post pics of the errors.

💬 NionidhAuthor, Mar 7th at 9:14 PM

Cuiwi Aww thanks :3

💬 NionidhAuthor, Mar 7th at 9:12 PM

Im pretty sure it should also work with 1.19.x, because its a pretty basic mod, however I haven't yet tested it... I'm  currently forced to play on the old version so thats what I'm developing for, I'll get around to testing it with other versions sometime soon probably - in the meantime feel free to just test it out on the new versions and tell me if there are any weirdnesses :D

It has to be installed on both sides, because the hanging baskets are new blocks!

💬 xXx_Ape_xXx, Mar 7th at 9:01 PM

Is it a client only mod, or server also?

💬 xXx_Ape_xXx, Mar 7th at 8:49 PM

Any chance you can update this to work with 1.19.4? Nionidh

💬 Cuiwi, Mar 7th at 8:39 PM

That's adorable! Can't wait to try it :D

💬 NionidhAuthor, Mar 7th at 8:06 PM


💬 xXx_Ape_xXx, Mar 6th at 10:17 PM

Interesting, will give this a spin 😀

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