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Category: #Cheat #QoL #Storage
Author: DemonBigj781
Side: Both
Created: May 16th at 9:43 PM
Last modified: May 16th at 9:53 PM
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This mod makes every bag from every mod into a Hammerspace.
basicly the mod gives them a "bottemless inventory".



Picture by Greg Williams

under Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 Generic


sourced by wikipidea


no changes where made.


I can not afford lawers so please do not sue me. let me know if I did violate anything. I will comply to the best of my ability and i can make any amends as much as needed.


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v0.0.1 55 May 16th at 9:53 PM Show

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1618, May 17th at 12:46 PM

In general, I am Anti Inventory Management in games.

I see the value in limiting capacity early on. But some mechanism, like this mod, should quickly replace it.

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