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Category: #Creatures #Worldgen
Author: Dnd
Side: Both
Created: May 14th at 11:35 PM
Last modified: 6 days ago
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Latest file for v1.19.7:
EntitiesSpawnReduction 1-click install

Don't use this anymore. See Entities Configuration.


Supported Mods

Fauna of the Stone Age Packs: Caninae, Capreolinae, Casuariidae, Machairodontinae, Manidae, Pantherinae, Rhinocerotidae,

Hieronymus Packs: African Monitor Lizards, Asian Monitor Lizards, New World Pond Frogs, New World Giant Tortoises, Old World Pond Frogs, Pacific Newts,

Other Packs Cats, Feverstone's Horses, Feverstone Wilds, Medieval Expansion, More Animals, Primitive Survival, The Critters Package,


This mod is recommended if you are running a lot of creature packs. This should help bring the creature balance closer to vanilla.

This is a companion pack for Entities Interact

I split this off of Entities Interact for a few reasons. People might not want to reduce their creature count if they don't care about heavily populated worlds, or may not have too many other creature packs installed at the same time. Also, I haven't balanced the creature spawning according to other mods like Biomes, and people might want default spawning due to the way that mod works. At some point, I may look into balancing creature spawning with Biomes as well.

I have gone through all of the supported mod packs and reduced most creature spawning to bring it better in line with how vanilla feels. Spawnrate changes in the spoiler.


Aurochs: Medieval Expansion Aurochs greatly reduced.

Bears: Bears slightly reduced to accommodate more predators.

Butterflies: Butterflies severely reduced.

Cats: Slightly increased.

Canina: FotSA Wolves and Foxes greatly reduced.

Chickens: More Animals chickens, birds and ducks from The Critters Package, and chickens from Vanilla have all been severely reduced to accommodate more fowl in the world.

Crabs: Critters Package and Primitive Survival Crabs moderately reduced.

Deer: FotSA Deer very slightly reduced.

Emus/Cassowary: FotSA Emus/Cassowary moderately reduced.

Feverstone Wilds: Bison, Giraffes, Horses, Ostriches, Scorpions, Spiders and Toads greatly reduced.

Feverstone Wilds: Cockatrice, Faunling, Geodecrab, and Golems greatly reduced.

Hieronymus Amphibians: Komodos, Newts, and Frogs greatly reduced.

Hyenas: Vintage Hyenas moderately reduced

Insects and Snails: Critters Package Snails and Woodlouse greatly reduced.

Leopards: FotSA Leopards greatly reduced.

Lions: FotSA Lions and Tigers greatly reduced.

Moose: FotSA Moose greatly reduced.

Pangolins:FotSA Pangolins very slightly reduced.

Rodents: Critters Package Mouse and Squirrel greatly reduced.

Rhinos: FotSA Rhinos moderately reduced.

Sabers: FotSA Sabers severely reduced.

Snakes: Primitive Survival slightly reduced.

Yak: Critters Package Yaks greatly reduced.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v1.0.0 279 May 15th at 3:33 AM Show EntitiesSpawnReduction Install now
v1.0.1 48 6 days ago Show EntitiesSpawnReduction Install now

7 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 DndAuthor, 2 days ago

Maltiez Thanks!

💬 Maltiez, 2 days ago

You can put it in Draft mode to hide from search

💬 MadGnome, 6 days ago

The WorldGeneration rates for Outlaws are a bit high for my taste as well, I have a server patch file which modifies that.  I'm unsure of your discord name Dnd, but this is my name on Discord (and in the official VS discord channel), feel free to shoot me a message and I can send you a copy of my server patch file for modifying the Outlaws WorldGen spawns and Runtime spawns.

💬 DndAuthor, 6 days ago

Dageslav Like I told Hank, I just don't know what the author's vision for Outlaws is and without playing it, I would just be reducing the number arbitrarily from the comments. However, if I can figure out how to do config files, or if I can get someone to help me with those, having them in the mix at default rates with the ability for you to tune their spawn numbers would be the ideal situation.

💬 Dageslav, 6 days ago

By default, outlaws are everywhere, and the game feels like dynasty warriors at times with the amounts they spawn. Integration with this mod would be lovely <3

💬 DndAuthor, May 15th at 12:42 PM

HankKitts I have had this request a few times. For now, mostly my focus has been on creature interactions and spawning due to having had a lot of playtime/testing on my own multiplayer server. I have never played with the Outlaw mod and am not sure how to balance it because I don't know how it is supposed to feel by default. Now that I have reworked all of my code, this may be something I can look into for the future. For now, though, I will rest a bit. It took a solid straight week to rework everything.

💬 HankKitts, May 15th at 6:37 AM

Thank you so much for this mod!

It was a nightmare installing multiple creature mods without balance, I'd often be mauled by multiple animals not long after spawn.
As just a request, could you possibly include the Outlaws mod?
I often find way too many of them spawning, often having multiple outlaw groups spawning nearly next to eachother.

Also, as an idea for down the road, a config would always be great. So many mods lack config files for spawn rates.

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