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Author: Quaan
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Created: Jan 30th at 6:52 PM
Last modified: Jan 30th at 9:03 PM
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Simply multiples the height of deposits by world height / 256.

If you generate a world with world height 512, deposits that are normaly 1 block high will now be 2 blocks. At 1024 world height they will be 4 blocks and so on.

The "base height"  (256) is configurable in \VintagestoryData\ModConfig\depositstretcherConfig.json if you want higher deposits for normal height worlds.

Might give weird behaviours, has not been thoroughly tested.

Affects all vanilla deposit generators (i.e ore, gems, coal, clay etc)


Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v0.1.1 135 Jan 30th at 9:03 PM Show
v0.1.0 21 Jan 30th at 6:53 PM Show

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💬 Liefy, Feb 19th at 1:57 AM

That would be great! Configurable in general, really, but yeah. Looking forward to it!

💬 Quaan, Feb 18th at 12:43 AM

"Would it be possible to have it not affect Quartz? AKA the most common and useless mineral known to Seraphkind..."
- My idea is to make it configurable, but that will probably be per generator. But some kind of exclusion filter might also be doable!

💬 Liefy, Feb 8th at 12:15 AM

Would it be possible to have it not affect Quartz? AKA the most common and useless mineral known to Seraphkind...

💬 Quaan, Jan 31st at 4:32 PM

Will try to modify this so it actualy modifies the height set in the xml. As it is now it multiplies the calculated height wich works but doesn't really give a consistent look of the stretched veins.

💬 Seife, Jan 30th at 7:45 PM

I requested it, it does multiply the height of veins by the X times / worldheight like if you have a big worldheight i.e 512 the veins are not so small anymore and instead are big :) and if you want bigger ore veins (not the amount of veins) you can change the worldheight in the config file to 128 and you have twice the height of veins (instead of 1-2 blocks you will have 4)

In the picture you see a quarz-dome which is normally 2 blocks high, but here it is 12 because the world is also massiv

💬 Maxim_inc, Jan 30th at 7:41 PM

So what does this do exactly?

💬 Quaan, Jan 30th at 6:57 PM

Unless the code for the generators drastically changed it should work!

💬 GreyGun, Jan 30th at 6:55 PM

does it work with 1.17.9?

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