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Author: Buggi
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Created: May 30th at 9:08 PM
Last modified: Aug 31st at 8:31 PM
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I wanted to work on a project that forced me to learn how to do GUI's, Block Entities, custom inventories, etc so here's a Crafting Table!

It keeps items in it's grid if you walk away or even exit the game.

Has a little X to clear the grid and give you the items in there.

Comes in a basic version that takes 4 sticks and a log of any wood.
Or an 'advanced' version that takes basalt and a few different metal ingots.

Create your own table by using the Class and BlockEntity from my JSON's into your own custom table. Currently item placement ON the table is coded to be one voxel under the 1.0 block size. (0.9375 of a block height).
This is an early version so I can further tweak and update the features as time goes on.

One thing it doesn't do, and I spent many many hours trying to figure it out, is allow you to click+drag an item stack across the grid slots to place/spread items. If someone knows HOW to enable that, or what I did wrong in my code I would gladly fix it ASAP.

I learned a LOT from this process, and while many might say this isn't needed, I wanted something simple to learn the API. 


One "bug" with the tiny items on the table is if they are modeled wrong in the model editor (ie they float in there) they will float on the table. I decided to not care about this.

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v0.3.0 312 Aug 31st at 8:31 PM Show
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💬 Buggi, Nov 28th at 10:41 PM

Yes it works in MP.


💬 AndyDaze, Nov 17th at 2:48 PM

Hi love love the mod, will be showing it off in my next vintage story episode, trust me as someone who does regular crafting of different items and building blocks this has been needed for a while, does this work ok in multi player servers as i may suggest this for the next season of Rusty Gears

💬 Runehawk, Oct 8th at 2:57 AM

This mod is causing a crashing on the latest version when trying to search within the inventory search field.

💬 Buggi, Oct 5th at 10:03 PM

Interesting ideas! Will have to think about ways to save recipes...

💬 fireztonez, Sep 1st at 2:58 AM


I didn`t try the mod yet, but it can have his purpose I guess, I will try it out.

I have some idea of how you could make the Crafting Table mod more useful, since the player inventory already have a crafting table in it. Since the Basic Crafting table is pretty cheap to make, I would not add any functionality on it. Many thing is possible, some will clearly ask more work than other, but could be really nice.

  1.  A Crafting table with save recipe function on it (This is really useful if you craft a lot of something but have difficulty to remember how to craft it), to save the recipe you would need to place all items needed on the slot, saving the recipe doesn't consume those items (you can used Linen and a dye or something to save the blueprint if you don't want that to be free feature):
    1. Could have maybe 9 or 10 slots to save recipe on it.
    2. Once a recipe is saved on those slots, the icon of the result product on it, the item icon could be greyed out/transparant if you don't have all the needed item on you.
    3. If you have all items to make the craft, a simple click on it will place all item needed on the crafting grid, a Shift+Click on it place all it can, up to 1 stack by reciepe.
    4. If you don't, but click on the grayed-out icon, it will place all item the item that can be placed, the other slot could show a grayed-out icon of what should goes on that slot.
  2.  A crafting table with small inventory. When trying to craft a big amount of something it will pick automatically the items needed on the internal inventory. That mixed with the first feature could be really powerful! Items could be automatically insert on that inventory using chutes.
  3. An Mechanical Crafting Table, using mechanical power, crafting the reciepe set on teh crafting grid once at the time. Overflow could be eject on one side when the output slot is filled. The other side could allow to automatically add some items on the internal inventory. (A lock items function by slots on that inventory could be a neet addition to this). You could add the possibility to set a craft to required the Mechanical Crafting Table
  4. Last thing who could be added is biggers crafting tables, little like Extended Crafting mod for Minecraft add. That could maybe be useful for some Vintage Story modpack (Even if the number of real VS modpack is still really low currently, possibly because of the lack of possibility to create and export good modpack and the lack of control over mod loading order currently)

I hope thsoe suggestion can help you expanding your mod feature with the time.

💬 MorganS, Jun 5th at 6:09 AM

Hi!! Thank you so much for this, I'm excited to try it out! I just started playing, but I have an absolutely atrocious short term and working memory, and I will often forget what a recipe was between looking it up in the guide book and then opening up my inventory. I want to play by using the wiki as little as I can, so being able to put things down and come back to them like we can with knapping and pottery is a massive accessibility feature for me!

💬 Buggi, May 30th at 9:54 PM

Figures someone would find graphical bugs the instant I publish it :)

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