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Category: #Crafting
Author: Devres
Side: Server
Created: Jun 16th at 5:56 PM
Last modified: Jun 16th at 5:58 PM
Downloads: 435
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Allows to craft sticks using firewood and an axe. Another way of using firewood while getting more sticks early-game.

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v1.0.16 435 Jun 16th at 5:58 PM Show

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SpearAndFang, Jun 17th at 4:00 AM

Yes!  "Sticks from Firewood", "Stick-Em-Up!", "Stick Crafting", "Tiny tweaks", "Plankable", and "Zarkonnen's Adjustments" might all have to up their game.  There's a new sheriff in town!

Vinter_Nacht, Jun 17th at 2:46 AM

Ahhhh yes. Everyone's first mod.  Including mine!  Welcome to the modding game!

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