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Author: CreativeRealms
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Created: Jan 13th 2022 at 12:42 PM
Last modified: Aug 10th at 9:10 AM
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Latest file for Various v1.18.x:
Conquest VS Edition 1-click install

A very WIP port of Conquest textures to Vintage Story.

This texturepack is incomplete and some visual features will not work as intended while it is being developed. It has been made public for those who wish to assist in crowdsourcing efforts and/or would like to follow the progress on the pack.

Conquest VS Edition seeks to bring the gritty aesthetic from the Conquest Reforged Minecraft Mod and Resourcepack to Vintage Story.

If you would like to contribute to this project, you can join our Discord server here.

Note: This mod will be automatically disabled on servers that do not have it installed to prevent missing textures and other bugs. If you still wish to use it in multiplayer, either ask the server admin to add the mod to their server or set 'requiredOnServer' to 'false' in the modinfo file of the mod.

Alternatively, you can try it out on our official multiplayer server by searching for "Conquest VS Edition" in the public server list.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v0.0.20 512 Aug 10th at 9:10 AM Show Conquest VS Edition Install now
v0.0.15 690 Oct 13th 2022 at 11:52 AM Show Conquest VS Edition Install now
v0.0.12 160 Feb 14th 2022 at 5:07 PM Show Conquest VS Edition Install now

27 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 CreativeRealms, Sep 15th at 6:52 PM

All good. Better to have people report issues than not do so and us potentially never knowing they exist. NukoSan

💬 NukoSan, Sep 15th at 10:55 AM

Ok, sorry if redundant info - new here :-) CreativeRealms

💬 CreativeRealms, Sep 15th at 7:21 AM

I beleive we are working on a patch for that. NukoSan

💬 NukoSan, Sep 12th at 7:58 PM

Noticed that the mod is missing textures for the Wildcraft mod - the raspberry seems to be invisible (when empty) and when it's ripe it looks like a mess :-D

💬 Nikkolai, Aug 10th at 5:42 PM

znatik You mean the ones that make blocks appear more like natural curved terrain? Shhhiii that'd be pretty cool if something like that got made. I remember it being a nightmare to play with but just being amazing for screenshots.

💬 Nikkolai, Aug 10th at 5:40 PM

It does suit this game better. Imagine trying to make a medieval pack and then you have to texture a glowsquid or god forbid any of the other Monsters Inc. rejects they put into the game at this point.

💬 znatik, May 3rd at 6:04 PM

Oh how great. Hooray . You have succeeded. The dream came true. Everything works perfectly . You are awesome thank you so much. Can we hope that you will create a mod for blocks like in minecraft. Make us happy please.

💬 znatik, Apr 23rd at 6:35 PM

I can give a little hint with which mods there is a strong conflict. Bricklayers, Medieval, Wildcraft Trees, Wildcraft. Maybe this will help somehow. FPS drops a lot. The computer is going crazy.

💬 znatik, Apr 23rd at 6:09 PM

What a great fellow you are. Thank you very much. We understand that all this is so difficult. All the children of the family have a job. This takes time. your texture pack brings great joy. Opportunity to run and enjoy the nature and beauty of the world.

💬 CreativeRealms, Apr 22nd at 11:18 PM

It seems like the last update had some compatibility issues with other mods so we are working on patches on our end that should hopefully fix the majority of them. Not sure what kind of ETA we are looking at but we'll try to get an update out as soon as we can. znatik Mendall

💬 znatik, Apr 22nd at 7:23 PM

Hi all . I'm playing on the latest version of . In single player. Not on the server. I love your texture pack. Always looking forward to your update. I want to talk about problems. After installation, the whole game started having problems. In all mods, textures began to suffer. I turn off the mods after 15 minutes the game hangs and crashes. Glitched native textures of the game. I have a lot of memory for the game. The laptop is powerful after installing the texture pack, it heats up very much. These are the problems. Well, how will I play without this wonderful texture pack.

💬 Mendall, Apr 22nd at 4:38 PM

"The texture paths were changed" Must be this, I'm on SP. I'll try to fiddle with it soon, if I learn anything I'll post a comment. I would do inappropriate favors to have those leaves in my world.

💬 CreativeRealms, Apr 22nd at 4:25 PM

Mendall Ah I see. That happens because the texture paths were changed and/or you are playing on a server that doesn't have Conquest installed. It's likely caused by Conquest since we had to get a bit hacky with things for some textures to work as intended.

💬 Mendall, Apr 22nd at 4:13 PM

It wasn't a mater of inconsistency. There were just a ton of purple and black grids everywhere as I looked out over the landscape. (the default when there is no texture at all)

like, the textures that came with the mods were overwritten or disabled. Most were from the mod Wildcraft trees, but oddly, not all the trees from the mod were broken. In the area I was, there were palm trees (they were fine) and eucalyptus trees (they were purple/black pattern). Also, some of the items I had placed from other mods were purple/black. I may not understand things correctly, but I figured it was just that the texture pack replaced all textures and if it did not have a texture for a mod then there was not going to be one.

But from your response, it seems you expected any textures you did not include to still be there, just not changed. So perhaps something is messed up on my end. Ill give it another try when I feel like doing technical stuff instead of playing. Should that day ever come.

That being said, the textures that were there were amazing. The work you did on leaves alone is worth the change. I did my own leaves in minecraft and didn't get anything near as good as yours. And some of the textures you used (like the sand) I would love to use in chiseling projects.

💬 CreativeRealms, Apr 21st at 8:16 PM

Mendall thankfully VS textures and Conquest textures are somewhat similar so even when there are assets that haven't gotten a retexture yet they don't stand out too much. With that being said, inconsistency can be annoying so I understand not using the pack unless it or other mods had full support.

💬 Mendall, Apr 21st at 5:26 PM

I just tried your texture pack and was very impressed. Somehow I never found your pack before in MC.

I would love to use it as my main texture pack, but there are just too many missing textures.

Not your fault, I use far too many mods.

And most of the blanks were from mods.

I think texture packs are going to be a bit of a harder sell in VS than in MC because VS does not have that feature where you can layer texture packs, so anything missing will be filled in by the lower lvl. If we had that, I would be using this now.

💬 SalieriC, Apr 20th at 8:02 PM

This is fantastic news! I loved Conquest since the old days of MC when we still had metadata but their removal was a bummer and as the survival player I mainly am, Reforged wasn't really for me. So I only recently found my way to Vintage Story and this comes just at the right time. Great to have you here. =)

💬 znatik, Nov 21st 2022 at 8:29 AM

I also really want you to become super popular here. Good luck to you all.

💬 znatik, Nov 21st 2022 at 8:25 AM

Good day everyone. I am an old fan of yours. I look forward to a new update every time. I'm waiting for a miracle. You see and display the World very beautifully. It is impossible to remain indifferent to what you are doing. Is it possible to hope that beautiful items will appear in the game. Furniture .Carpets . It's awesome what you do. Will chic windfalls return? A lot of things are done in mods. But comfort and beauty in the house is not enough. I really miss your things from the home interior. Things would be very popular. I will wait and hope. All the best to you.

💬 CreativeRealms, Nov 7th 2022 at 10:46 AM


Tree trunks are already patched and will be in the next update as well as farmland surrounding the irrigation vessels in Primitive Survival.

💬 Broken, Nov 4th 2022 at 2:40 PM

The only ones I see effected are a few different bush types. They also half work. I have had brambleberry, rasberry, honeysuckle, and others from wild craft have invis blocks, pink/black blocks, AND actual normal testures due to rotation of the skin I believe. I would think it is possible for either mod creator to be able to remedy this issue with mild tweaks but since I have zero clue how to do modding stuff, I really cannot say for certain. 

Positive note, the hollow tree trunks are easier to spot using this pack since they tend to default to their original texture instead of this packs. So good to hunt of your are looking for exotic seeds without wanting to travel 30k+ from the normal spawn point lol.

💬 CreativeRealms, Nov 2nd 2022 at 7:41 AM


We made changes to the vanilla plant models and I assume Wildcraft must be basing their plants of them as well which is why they are breaking. Theoretically someone might be able to patch it to get them to show up properly but I imagine it would be a lot of work. I've also never used Wildcraft so I have no clue what would be required for a fix.

💬 znatik, Nov 1st 2022 at 1:25 PM

Conquest doesn't really work with Wildcraft, plants don't show up with their normal texture and instead are black and pink. I really love this pack to bits but Wildcraft has some nice additions flora wise so I was pretty bummed out when I found out that it doesn't run properly. Is there maybe a way to fix it? Is there anything I can do about it? 

I'm not playing on a server, and the update I'm playing on is 1.17.9

Thank you for your hard work, this texture pack really brings the game to life.

💬 CreativeRealms, Oct 12th 2022 at 9:09 PM


I'll have the two texture related ones fixed in the next update. In general they can probably be ignored though.

💬 LiquidDisease, Oct 9th 2022 at 12:05 AM

1.17.4 server, I get the following : 

  • 20:04:51 [Server Error] Patch 6 (target: game:blocktypes/metal/torchholder.json) in game:patches/survival/blocktypes/metal/torchholder.json failed, following Exception was thrown: Specified cast is not valid.
  • 20:04:51 [Server Error] Patch 0 (target: game:blocktypes/plant/hay.json) in game:patches/survival/blocktypes/plant/hay.json failed because supplied path /textures is invalid: The json path /textures was not found. No such element 'textures' at the root path
  • 20:04:51 [Server Error] Patch 0 (target: game:blocktypes/stone/rock.json) in game:patches/survival/blocktypes/stone/rock.json failed because supplied path /textures is invalid: The json path /textures was not found. No such element 'textures' at the root path
💬 DANNBOSS, Sep 10th 2022 at 10:39 AM

wow thank you

💬 Polraudio, Sep 9th 2022 at 5:41 PM

LOVE this texture pack. Keep up the awesome work.

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