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Author: CaramelGuy
Side: Both
Created: Jun 8th 2022 at 5:05 AM
Last modified: Jun 8th 2022 at 5:09 AM
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WIP!!!! Looking for feedback for future balance changes, most numbers were picked arbritrarily.


I saw some complaints about armor balance and after checking the wiki and finding out that a lot of the armors that Archers historically used were borderline useless for archery.

This mod rebalances armors to be slightly more historically accurate so that Archers can actually use the armors they historically did use. As well as some other armor related tweaks.

Keep in mind the values are per piece. For example, Vanilla scale armor has a 10% accuracy penalty, meaning a full set of scale armour would reduce accuracy by 30%.


Armor changes
removed ranged penalties,
walk speed 3% to 1%
Healing penalty 10% to 7%

==Sewn Linen=-
Walk speed 2% to 0%
Healing penalty 17% to 13%

Removed ranged penalties
Walk speed 5% to 2%

Removed ranged penalties

Accuracy penalty 10% to 1.33%
Drawing speed penalty 20% to 2%
walk speed 7% to 3%

Accuracy penalty 13% to 1.6%
Drawing speed penalty 20% to 2.5%
Walking speed 14% to 5%
hunger rate 24% to 15%

==Antique blackguard==
Removed range penalties
Reduced walk speed penalties by 2%

==Antique forlorn==
Removed ranged penalties
Reduced walk speed penalties by 2%

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