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Category: #Other #QoL #Utility
Author: Asproigaroses
Side: Server
Created: May 27th at 10:17 AM
Last modified: May 27th at 10:19 AM
Downloads: 89
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This is a mod for that lets players perform chat actions to express themselves ✨

For instructions on how to install it, please refer to the official wiki page on installing mods.


/me eats a banana.
 * Asproigaroses eats a banana.
/hug niceplayer
 * Asproigaroses hugs niceplayer

Command syntax

These are the built-in commands for this mod, but you can add more "hug"-like actions in the configuration.

  • /me - Perform an action as yourself, using @p (default) to get a nearby player's name.
  • /hug [player] - Built-in action to hug people. If no specific player is specified you will hug whoever is nearby and closest to you.
  • /point - Built-in action for pointing to things you're looking at.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.2.3 89 May 27th at 10:19 AM Show

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