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Author: Buggi
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Created: May 24th at 1:07 AM
Last modified: Aug 31st at 9:45 PM
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This mod aims to help builders get bulk building done quickly without having to resort to creative-mode WorldEdit tools. 

Inspired by Direwolf20's Building Gadgets mod for MC I got permission to try to port that mod to VS. And while I got much of the functionality in I didn't use a single line of Dire's code.

Featuring 3 build modes (Build, Destroy, Exchange), 5 functions (To Me, H Line, V Line, Area, and Volume), and 3 placement modes (On Top, Inside, and Under) the mod is full of features.

For a full rundown of the features in a video, check out the spotlight I did on it.

Sneak+Right Click a block to set the block to build with. (Has limitations)
Sneak+Right Click a chest or storage to set the storage to pull resources out to build with.

Sneak+Left Click to set an Anchor that allows you to move and look around while keeping the highlighted area static.
Sneak+Left Click the open air to clear the anchor.

Use the [ and ] keys to increase and decrease the range (or radius) of the build area. (Does not affect To Me mode).

"To Me" mode allows you to build from up to 64 blocks from the block you are facing.

Mod Config file (bg_config.json) allows you to customize many aspects of the mod to your liking, even the colors of the highlights.

By default the Building Gadget uses Construction Paste to build with, allowing you to build many different block types without needing to keep them around. By default blocks must be full solid blocks to be valid. You can disable the use of construction paste in the config, the tool will then demand you have the blocks crafted before building. Either the paste or blocks must be in your inventory or in a linked storage block for the tool to build.

Unless you add the block code to the whitelist in the config along with the cost to build. I have berry bushes in the whitelist as an example.

Destroy mode voids blocks so be careful.


This mod is still under development, I do want to do a copy/paste gadget but that will be another mountain of code. I hope everyone enjoys my mods, if you do please consider a little support. This mod alone has been about 40 hours of work thus far.

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