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Author: Mr1k3
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Builders blocks is a building additions mod that adds over 790 new blocks to build with, many of which provide new building themes and overal greater flexibilty with your builds. It also provides some functional additions such as climbing scaffold, door options, new light sources, walls, and cairns which can be used as primitive landmarks.


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Current additions include:


  • Scaffold blocks in metal and wood variants, as well as hollow and soild versions of those. Non-climbing version.
  • Support braces in 4 versions and in all wood variants.
  • Pylons/Pylon pipes- octagonal supports or hollow pipe versions available in all wood and metal types.
  • Bark blocks- blocks with the bark texture on all sides.
  • Stripped wood- Like planks but without the lines in them.
  • Small/Large leaf blocks- Survival avaiable leaf blocks that can be crafted and picked up when broken.
  • Grave markers in 3 versions and all stone types.
  • Cairns- stone piles used either for decoration or navigational land markers, also has a glowing version for the tip so you can see them at night, available in all stone types, 4 different size variations.
  • Glowstone blocks- glowing blocks that can be chiseled, provides as much light as a normal lantern and can be grown in a barrel in a slightly involved process. Essentally made from suevite rock.
  • Oil lamp chandelier- brighter oil lamp that can be hung from the ceiling.
  • Cage lights in every metal type.
  • Framed metal blocks.
  • Solid metal blocks.
  • Mineral blocks- many many blocks with many textures, can be chiseled or used as condensed storage blocks, includes nugget blocks, bone blocks, lapis blocks ect.
  • Rust blocks- rust iron blocks in a brine barrel to have rusty textures.
  • Transparent solid blocks- with framed version, can be chiseled.
  • Terrariums! Available in 65 different versions including snow, water, desert, mushroom, and grass.


  • 4 New door types in all wood variants.
  • 2 new "trapdoor" like blocks.
  • Stone pile fences in every stone type.
  • Climbing rocks in every stone type
  • Metal fences in every metal type.
  • Metal ladders in every metal type.
  • 4 versions of climbable scaffold blocks, large stacks can be fell with an axe at the stack base.

Made in version 1.17, should still work in 1.16 versions.

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Mr1k3, 5 days ago

1618 All blocks are survival obtainable with their own recipes, in fact thats one of the design principles of this mod is to make some things like leaves or glowing blocks avable for all game modes. Currently the recipes are set to have pretty generous outputs so you can focus less on grinding materials and more on building.

Ryan_Thomas, 5 days ago

Thank you for this mod; totally awesome!👍

1618, 5 days ago

For creative?

Otherwise where to get/how to make?

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