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Author: Grifthegnome
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Created: Feb 4th at 11:05 PM
Last modified: Feb 4th at 11:57 PM
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Latest file for v1.19.3: 1-click install

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I grew up modding Half-Life back in the day, and I felt like making a mod to pay tribute to the mods of olden days.

Brutal Story is an homage to the "brutal" shooter mods of the mid-to-late 1990s, including Brutal Doom, Brutal Quake, and Brutal Half-Life. It adds old-school over-the-top blood, hit, and damage fx to Vintage Story combat. It is tuned to be campy and resemble the shooters of the 90s. If you want more visceral intensity in combat, this is the mod for you. 

Warning: Please don't download this mod if depictions of violence bother you.

Current Features:

-Fully Networked Blood Hit FX for Players and Creatures (Your friends see what you see).

-"Jaws" water blood fx for when creatures take damage while swimming.

-Retro Gib FX for creatures that die from falling. (i.e. Exploding into a 50 foot blood geyser)

Future Plans:

-Option to enable 90s style hit grunts when player takes damage instead of instumental honks.

-Option to enable Silly death lines and VO.

-Better screen blood fx.

-The ability to "pop" bad guys with powerful attacks from late game weapons.

-Blood overlay on injured creatures and characters, similar to game's vanilla frost overlay.

-Persistant enviornmental blood splatter and blood trails that can be followed when hunting.

-Custom damage effects for eating poision mushrooms.

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💬 GrifthegnomeAuthor, Mar 30th at 12:10 AM

These are all solid suggestions and I need to investigate them further. As soon as I have some spare time, I'll take a look at client side customization options.

💬 Screwy, Mar 29th at 11:47 AM

first of all, thanks for this awesome mod. I'm still waiting for the client side custom options,
because I don't want to "force" the users on my server to view gore. Other than that, I pretty
much like the idea and look of your mod.

Regarding the color topic:
Have you considered sorting the entities by "attributes: { isMechanical: true }"?
I would suggest using red as default color for any entity, unless it is a drifter or mechanical.
Those should bleed according to a color setting in the config like this:

    "drifter": "42260e",
    "mechanical": "19d8be",
    "other": "a71f0a",

If you want to provide an extra step, you could build your config like this:
    "drifter": "42260e",
    "mechanical": "19d8be",
    "other": "a71f0a",
  "entityGroups": {
    "mechanical": {
    "other": { "*" }

But I guess this is exactly what you not wanted.

Anyway, I think it would be really cool to make locust blood glow. It feels somehow intuitive,
that their blood is this glowy, temporal stuff leaking out of broken pipes.
Drifters also shouldn't bleed normal red blood, as they are not "living" in a classical sense.
Their blood should resemble rusty mudd or something like this, in my opinion.

💬 DarkThoughts, Feb 10th at 7:13 PM

Hm. I like the idea but I'd rather have a more realistic gore mod rather than a very excessive one. And yes, Locusts shouldn't bleed since they're constructs (maybe smaller amounts of oil).

💬 DrBubba, Feb 7th at 5:19 PM

Hah!  How fun.

💬 GrifthegnomeAuthor, Feb 6th at 6:28 PM


Sure thing! Hope you enjoy it!

💬 Vaelora, Feb 6th at 6:25 PM

FINAAAALLLY!!1! This is an instant download... 

💬 GrifthegnomeAuthor, Feb 5th at 7:00 PM

I appreciate all the sugestions and feedback! In the current release, I stubbed in a flexible blood color variable so that I would have a foundation to do blood color per EntityAgent type in the future, and also allow clients to turn off/ tune gore clientside, as unlike previous gore mods for Vintage Story, Brutal Story is a networked mod, so it is server authoratiative as to when the gore happens, but the client has plenty of options on how to handle gore events from the server. I need to look at how I want to handle blood color/settings per creature. I like to avoid massive paired lists in config files where possible becaue they are prone to breakage, so what I may do is add three keys that can be added/patched into the attribute field of any Vintage Story creature:

"brutalBlood": true/false

"brutalBloodPreset": Preset Value (I'll provide some color presets like Blood, Ichor, Slime, Oil, Miasma, etc)

"brutalBloodCustomColor": (B,G,R,A) Value (This would be to set a custom color and transparency for the creature's blood hit fx)

Basically these could be include/patch in any creature file and wouldn't do anything if Brutal Story wasn't running, but would inform Brutal Story on how to render blood fx for a creature when hit. Anything not defined would just play default blood fx.

It may be a bit before the next Brutal Story update, as I need to finalize and release the next version of Outlaw Mod.

💬 Sleeves, Feb 5th at 5:07 PM

For the entity problem, you could check out how doom modders handled it. Pretty sure they use a standard format for blood color which makes compatibility easy (theoretically). And maybe just a multiplier slider for number of blood particles? Anyway, love the mod so far :-]

💬 Aksyl, Feb 5th at 5:01 PM

Super-shotgun next?


Re: WickedSchnitzel

Or like maybe some option to set custom particle colors or particle types on a per-mob basis.

💬 WickedSchnitzel, Feb 5th at 2:09 PM

Suggestion: An option to reduce blood effects. Or different levels like 'normal', 'reduced' & 'excessive'. Also an blacklist, so that we can exclude modded creatures like skeletons.

💬 Tressym, Feb 5th at 12:59 PM

Yeah true, red blood seems pretty weird for the mechanical creatures.

Not sure how difficult it would be to code different blood colors for separate creatures, but maybe they could bleed black for oil, or bright "temporal gear" cyan.

💬 DanaCraluminum, Feb 5th at 8:15 AM

Why mechanical creatures are bleeding, this is totally not right, they don't have blood

💬 HersheysWaffles, Feb 5th at 1:51 AM

Missed the blood mod, great to see gore options for the newer versions of the game!

💬 A_Tree, Feb 5th at 1:23 AM


💬 sneezerstein, Feb 5th at 12:33 AM


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