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Category: #Other
Author: Xorberax
Side: Client
Created: Jul 27th at 5:14 AM
Last modified: Aug 5th at 4:47 AM
Downloads: 529


My first mod, which I intend to expand upon: adds blood droplets when things get hurt (purely cosmetic/visual).

Works on players, animals, modded mobs etc. Even applies to animals being hunted by other animals, e.g. a fox killing a chicken will spawn blood droplets.


This mod features configuration support, allowing various aspects of the mod to be tweaked to your liking. The config is generated on world load and can be modified at "AppData\Roaming\VintagestoryData\ModConfig\XorberaxBlood.json".

Planned Features

  • [DONE 0.2.0] Add bleeding/blood trails so mobs will bleed over a duration, leaving a trail of blood along their path.
  • [DONE 0.3.0] Configuration support.
  • Configurable blood properties per entity/mob type (e.g. drifters can have different color blood than players, machinery, etc).

Known Issues

  • [Minor] Blood visuals currently affect all entities (if you hit straw dummies, blood particles will appear from them).


Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v0.3.1 262 Aug 5th at 4:47 AM Show
v0.3.0 106 Jul 31st at 6:18 AM Show
v0.2.0 90 Jul 28th at 4:11 AM Show
v0.1.0 71 Jul 27th at 5:24 AM Show

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Xorberax, Aug 9th at 10:46 PM

Confirmed that v0.3.1 is working in VS 1.15.4!

Xorberax, Jul 31st at 6:34 AM

I hope you all enjoy the mod! If you have any feature requests, let me know!

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