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Author: Melchior
Side: Client
Created: Jun 21st at 11:01 PM
Last modified: Jul 17th at 11:00 PM
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Ever wanted an Offline world scale map that is permanent?


This mod offers that, it is fully client side - works a MP/SP VS install of at least version 1.14.10.

These Release-Candidate versions for V.S. 1.14, while functional have uncorrected BUGS...  (there are also very likely data compatibility issues, and/or upgrade problems - with old map data; meaning you will want to BACKUP or delete the 'old' map data FIRST! Its Strongly recommended to delete the old map data when testing with V0.1.6. (There is a special tool planned to be released later - to process / correct / update chunk shard data, and other things...)

RC series "0.1.6" May eventually be renamed to 0.2.0 when completed...


Version History ("RC.1" ~= V0.1.6):

  • POI datafile is correctly truncated on write/creation (no more corrupt POI binary files)
  • Trader names are similar to nametag
  • Non-Seasonal type Color option correct (Thanks to VGD!)

This current version IN-DEVELOPMENT has some known defects, limitations, incomplete features and has lots of bugs!

Don't install unless you like making crash reports.

The C# code is mostly my own work - with VeryGoodDog making significant patches and changes. The dynamic HTML map is fully VeryGoodDog's work, address bugs to appropriate party... (and Drakker, too)

Known Issues:

  • GUI is glitchy
  • Note taker is buggy
  • Metadata reload isn't totally reliable (across versions especially)
  • GUI panel has most controls (but not everything is configurable, yet)
  • Scrolling in HTML map is W.I.P.
  • Rock ratio not shown on map Legend yet...
  • There is a memory leak(?) when running Automap for VERY long times [like +8 hours]

Working Features:

  • Map shard metadata reload (height, weather conditions, rock-map)
  • PNG file storage of metadata internally
  • Giant PNG map exports
  • Static HTML map, with Dynamic rendering from metadata JSON
  • fixed TRANSLOCATOR & Merchant tracking
  • Merchant tracking


(logo courtesy of SplitUltimatum)

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v0.1.7 254 Jul 17th at 11:00 PM Show
v0.1.6 126 Jun 21st at 11:03 PM Show

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Alcyonaria, Jul 18th at 4:37 AM

Absolutely lovely, I no longer have to search for chalk. Lovely

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