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Category: #Cosmetics #Crafting #Furniture #QoL #Storage #Tweak
Author: Craluminum
Side: Both
Created: Apr 12th at 4:09 PM
Last modified: Apr 12th at 4:23 PM
Downloads: 356
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Extra decor that work the same way as linen, wallpaper etc.

  • Wallpaper versions of various blocks and items:
    • Bamboo (horizontal, vertical, center)
    • Bone
    • Cobblestone
    • Dry stone
    • Gravel
    • Log (horizontal, vertical, center)
    • Mudbrick
    • Planks (horizontal, vertical)
    • Plaster
    • Polished rock
    • Pressed mash (only vanilla fruits)
    • Rock
    • Sand
    • Soil (including grass cover)
    • Stone bricks
  • A pile for 80 decor such as wallpaper, linen etc. (can only be created on already attached decor)
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian


Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.0 356 Apr 12th at 4:23 PM Show

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💬 TheNiteFox, Nov 7th at 3:57 AM

This mod seems to work perfectly fine with CraluTweaks mod, these wallpapers can go on and come off without any problems :)

Just mentioning this if anyone else was curious.

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