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Author: Buggi
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Created: Nov 7th 2021 at 3:34 AM
Last modified: Aug 31st at 7:39 PM
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Behold the Angel Belt.

Do you like building but not the scaffolding work that goes along with it? Did you rely on the Angel Ring from the game-not-to-be-mentioned? 

Then you're in for a treat! Craft the Angel Belt, place it in the belt-slot in your character window and hit "R". You'll hear a sound and be able to fly around like a bird. Careful on hitting R again, if you are too high, you will fall and hurt yourself. Flexible Games can't be held liable for injuries while using the Angel Belt.

While the Angel belt is enabled (i.e. you can fly) here are the other controls to better make building and exploring a snap!

  • PgUp = +1 Move Speed
  • PgDown = -1 Move Speed
  • F3 = Cycle Axis Lock (Y axis is up and down...)
  • Home = Reset all modifiers
  • Alt+PgUp = +0.1 Move Speed
  • Alt+PgDown = -0.1 Move Speed

Careful with that move speed, too fast and who knows what could happen! You will get a chat-window notification when you change these values so you can find those that work best with you.

And don't worry, if you set them, disable the Belt then re-enable the belt your previous settings will be restored.

I love making mods, please consider some sort of support for me if you enjoy them. At the very least, check out my channel:

Flexible Games

Thank you!

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.3.0 242 Aug 31st at 7:39 PM Show
v1.2.0 383 Jan 11th at 3:45 AM Show
v1.1.0 311 Nov 7th 2021 at 3:35 AM Show

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💬 Buggi, Aug 31st at 7:40 PM

Mod updated for 1.17! Enjoy flying around in the new version!

💬 Buggi, Jan 11th at 3:45 AM

v1.2 Updated to support 1.16
Attempted a fix for it 'forgetting' your movement speed multiplier in my endless hunt for why that sometimes reset before.

💬 NPCFanatic, Nov 7th 2021 at 5:12 AM

yo! this is awesome! glad to see this over in VS 😄

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