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Author: Sempai_Nagi
Side: Both
Created: Oct 30th at 4:53 AM
Last modified: 5 days ago
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This MOD can be used, as you want, change it, reupload it, share it, comment it, use it, play it, have fun with it.
I have uploaded this pack only for 2 reasons.
First reason::  any server needs this database cus without, noone can join a/the dediServer -.-
Second reason::  why i should have 50mods if i can combine any mod into 1pack. (remember Minecraft, and the Tekkit launcher..) I dont want 1 mod that adds 1 thing ,and then again 1mod to add another, instead i find mods i want and combine them into 1pack.

(fun fact, some of the combined stuff in this pack, is nomore ava on this site)

I respect the work of the creators, because without them packages like mine wouldn't exist.
Someone needs always to be the first, who crates something,and then someone like me, comes across this and thinks about changing something (maybe into better). Im not a coder(!) im a Modder!

I am the creator of this package ((but not of every content of this package)).

[Credits belongs to them, who recognizes something of there stuff in it.]



If you encounter any of your belongings (configs,samples,files,etc) in this pack, feel free to rage.


anyway, in addition to make Vintage Story and your experience more enjoyable, (if you start a new world)[would not rec to apply following changes to a current session] , type in Chat(Soloplay/noLanServer.exe) or Console(Lan/Server) the following commands and restart the World.:


/time setmonth may
#start in spring (not in winter)

/worldConfig spawnRadius 0
#im not sure what is does but i think, it deletes the "Savezone". ..who cares.

/worldConfig daysPerMonth 30
#like realtime? set it. (also slows down the ingame time)

/worldConfig harshWinters true
#yeah,why not, makes more challanging.

/worldConfig snowAccum true
#let it snow, but more then vanilla.

/worldConfig allowUndergroundFarming true
#truly for all those who like to build there bases in some mountain or under the water-sruface.

/worldconfig playerHealthPoints 25
#no armor? no problem! just more health to get away from pain.

/worldconfig playerHungerSpeed 1
#standing and waiting to cook food? why i should eat up myself by doing nothing. Halfs the vanilla setting. (but increases if you do something hard(Work).

/worldconfig foodSpoilSpeed 0.2
#now i cook something ,meanwhile my fresh cooked food get rotten in a blink. This setting slows it down by half of vanilla.

/worldconfig saplingGrowthRate 20
#why i should wait 3months ig to farm 1 potato?... this setting speed its up by half of vanilla.

/worldConfig globalDepositSpawnRate 3.5
#mining.. trible amount of vanilla.

/worldconfig microblockChiseling all
#chisel all(!) blocks, inc glass and non-chisable (like gravel)

/worldconfig temporalStorms NAME [off|veryrare|rare|sometimes|often|veryoften]
*"often" becames more stressfull.

/worldconfig tempstormDurationMul [value] #how many ingameHrs should it be
*my setting is 12hrs ig ,plenty of time to hunt or be hunted by these blocky monkeys.

/worldconfig worldEdge blocked
#Dont need to fall of the edge. (im not in Valheim)

/worldconfig globalForestation 0.3
#defines how much Forests are generated, set it to 1 and you have a global jungel-like world, set it to 0 and find an other way to get wood.

/worldconfig globalPrecipitation 4.5
#How much it rains. my setting is cus i love rainy days.

/worldconfig surfaceCopperDeposits 2
/worldconfig surfaceTinDeposits 2
#the name tells all, early mining but without tools.

/worldConfig classExclusiveRecipes false
#Im a comoner, but that means im not stupid to know how to butcher or sew cloths!

/worldconfigcreate bool allowCropDeath false
#its not realistic but who cares,why is this option ava anyways then.

/worldConfig auctionHouse false
#wha.. i dont need an AH if i play solo xD i mean, no NPCs are yet capa of using it to.

/worldconfigcreate bool disableDeathMessages true
#getting anoyed if i read myself after rebirth,what killed me.

/worldconfigcreate float auctionHouseDeliveryPriceMul 0
#pay no fee for getting items deliverd.

/worldconfigcreate int auctionHouseDurationWeeksMul 7
#let the items be in for 7 igWeeks.

/worldconfigcreate float auctionHouseSalesCutRate 0
#like on twitch 20%(streamer)/80%(twitch),set it to 0! or leave it alone.

/worldconfigcreate 5 cropGrowthRateMul [0.1 ... 10]
#THIS setting does not work,but if, i would set it to 5.

/role Admin privilege revoke gamemode
/role suplayer privilege revoke gamemode
#Do you like cheaters? "grant" it.


i want also share with you, some of the mods, i dont want to combine it into this modpack, cus they (creator) have my respect to make them worth ,using them.


Nothing touched, use it as it is.
Ripped to only have the sifter,without any other content from the mod.
Added more carryable items. removed some odd stuff.
Changed to higher resoultions (FullHD)
Changed it to my own textures and arts. (FullHD)
Nothing touched, use it as it is.
Replaced with higher res textures (FullHD)
Nothing touched, use it as it is.
Ripped the mod in parts to only optain the mechanic for the grindstone,cus its awesome (rest of the mod is.. i would say for me "mäh")
Nothing touched, use it as it is.
Pols Server Utilities
Nothing touched, use it as it is.
Ripped the whole mod, deleted most of the configs and entrys,just to have a maschingun-like stick for shooting these monkey hordes.
(fun fact: The rifle is like a sniper with zoom-funktion, cool for long-range kills^^ :D )
Changed many WorldGen aspects/mechanics/configs. Made the mod to work with all old and new coming version of the game.
It is how it is now a universal mod.
ZoomButton (z)
Nothing touched, use it as it is.
Changed all configs into 1. Added basic survival stuff (what is also optainable without effort at new beginning). and any new player gets the same stuff,nomore "comoner/cleric/smith/Crap..". 1 StarterPack-4-all.

and (if it works on Server 1.17.9++ -.-)
(for solo play on a nonLanSv, it works somehow.) anyway ive added 45 professions and there atributes to it. its much more like iRL now. for anykind work i have a prof and the skills for. Maybe worthles? i d t s!
Removed the old version updater and replaced it with the UniUpdater Script..  when new gameversion releases its auto-updates to stay up2date.

========================================= MODPACK CHANGELOG  =============================================

date state: 4.11.2022 (GMT+1)
° new Molds :
-- Chisel(2)
-- Chutesection(4)
-- Knife(2)
-- Plate(1)

° new Tools :
-- Heropick #Expensive to craft,but worth!
-- Demonpick #Expensive to craft,but worth!

° new Barrel recipes:
-- Composter (drygrass to compost)
-- Dye (made of Fruits,bone and Flowers)
-- Gem crystalizing (Diamond)
-- Hay to rot
-- Rot to Compost
-- Sand to Salt
-- Compost to Terra

° new clayforming:
-- 2 jug
-- 4 jug
-- 3 ingotmold
-- 4 ingotmold
-- 5 bowls
-- 6 bowls
-- 9 bowls
-- 5 crock
-- 5 crucible
-- 24shingles
-- 2 chisel
-- 4 chutesection
-- 2 knife
-- 1 Plate

° new knapping:
-- 2 flint hatchet     (slitghly increased stats)
-- 2 flint hoe           (slitghly increased stats)
-- 2 flint pickaxe     (slitghly increased stats)
-- 2 flint shovel       (slitghly increased stats)
-- 2 stone hatchet  (slitghly increased stats)
-- 2 stone hoe        (slitghly increased stats)
-- 2 stone pickaxe  (slitghly increased stats)
-- 2 stone shovel    (slitghly increased stats)
-- 2 obsidian hatchet  (op but rly low durability/non repairable)
-- 2 obsidian hoe        (op but rly low durability/non repairable)
-- 2 obsidian pickaxe  (op but rly low durability/non repairable)
-- 2 obsidian shovel    (op but rly low durability/non repairable)

° new smithing:
-- 1 cokeovendoor (any alloy)
-- 2 blade-falx (any alloy)
-- 2 blade-short (any alloy)
-- 2 chain (any alloy)
-- 2 chisel (any alloy)
-- 2 knive (any alloy)
-- 2 lightningrod (any alloy)
-- 2 padlock (any alloy)
-- 2 pickaxe (any alloy)
-- 2 sawblade (any alloy)
-- 2 shears (any alloy)
-- 4 scale (any alloy)
-- 32 arrowhead (any alloy)

° new grid:
-- Knife (all) crops into seeds
-- chiseled blocks combiner (clone block 1.gen)
-- craft shingles from clay (without pottery [nerfd])
-- craft loose boulders (decorations)
-- craft diamondpick(steel)[lategame tool]
-- craft (decorative) hedges (all kinds)
-- craft, hammer stone into lime
-- craft paper-parchment with cattailtops/papyrus
-- craft (c)paperlantern [functional]
-- recycle near-broken tools into metalbits (no falx/handle!)
-- craft stones into rocks (all kinds) [mm,mm32:32r]
-- moldrack crafting only with planks (same recipe as vanilla but without sticks)
-- craft "horsetail" out of bamboo
-- craft "torchholder(2)" out of any alloy [vanilla recipe not changed]
° flaxtwine to flaxfibers -recycling
° poultice to waterlily -recycling
° firewood(1) to sticks(16) [any axe]
# and 15 alternates more...
° mod name (ex WOP Server Additions)
° sound/creature/bell[alarm] = silent hill siren
° sound/creature/drifter [death1/2/hurt] = less anoying but creepy cute
° sound/player [strike1/2] = less anoying
° sound/voice = human-likisch
° textures/gui [target] = visible in any conditions, also good for chiseling.
° textures/particle [smoke/spec] = round pixel tx
° textures/[unknown]-item = PixelmeshCube tx
° bushmeat meals: craft early food with these 2nd-hand meat
° coke temp changed: burns longer
° crops changed: they dont die anymore,have bit faster growing speed and yield more crops.
° crucible changed: more Heat and bigger input slots
° water is now drinkable (just in case you dont die so frequently)
° drops [bell] -drops less frecently but more rare stuff
° drops [lakeice] - mine it with any pickaxe.
° items on ground now despawns after 3600seconds
° knapping obsidian pickaxe is now ava. has less durability but can crack a meteor.
° players knockbackResistance set to 1
° stacksize of resonancearchive increased (from 1 to 10)
° drifters do not throw stones
° tallgrass is now bigger,and depends on what tool is used to crop it and how long it is, it yields more or less the vanilla setting.
° pitkiln burn time changed (globaly) to 6hrs (ig)
° snowlayers have less collision (tallest still are like upsidedown stairs)
° bloomery/chimney drops itself upon destroying
° glass block/slaps are chisable (all colors/kinds)
° locustNest drops again metalspikes (hammer or crush them into something else)
° fruit tree branch cutting chance 100% (nomore loss of this fine and rare trees)
° bamboo set to 50% dropchance (global)
° narrow leaves set to 5% dropchance (global)
° plant-leaves-normal set to 15% dropchance (global)
° Rocks resistance set to 5% (global) [means, with a steel pickaxe,you mine it like an enchanted minecraft super-pickaxe faster then flash can run]
° Skep drops changed: honeycomp (4), beewax(2), empty skep(1)
° Wood log burnDuration set (global) to 200
° Arrow/Spear glowlevel set to 255 (lightlevel) beaware, its like a flashbang now.
° Drifter spawnrate changed: Does not spawn in Day/night on the surface. But spawns in hordes at night and only in underground. A lightsource that gives less then 6 light, prevent them anyways from sapwning near the player ,what means, a lighted area around the player has 12blocks space between the hordes. Should the light drop under 6, you will die.
° Husbandry changed: Babys grow faster (double vanilla setting), drops more if after 5. generation.
° Animals changed: Wolfs dont snif the player until gets close enough. (no more 10Km predators)
° Backpacks changed:
-- Backpack set to 25 slots
-- Basekt to 6 slots
-- HuntersBackPack to 7 slots
-- Linensack to 8 slots
-- Miningbag to 18 slots
-- quiver to 12 slots
° Liquid (Cider) set to 17280s freshness
° Firewood burn Duration set to 200
° Charcoal burn Duration set to 250
° Coke burn Duration set to 600
° Ore graded/ungraded (mining/hammering) yield doubled
° Arrows wont break anymore
° Tool durabilitys/miningspeed -doubled
° wearable armor have no malus
° seald cider ranges from 24hr to 1024hr(ingame time)
° get lime(1) from basalt(8)
° plank yield from logs doubled
° copper padlock added
° worldgen/treegen/acacia set to 0.1% (v 0.055%)
° worldgen/treegen/bristleconepine set to 0.4% (v 0.1%)
° worldgen/treegen/mountainpine set to 0.3% (v 0.1%)
° worldgen/treegen/scotspine set to 0.2% (v 0.1%)
° worldgen/treegen/resinGen -doubled the vanilla settings (global)
° gear-temporal stacksize set to 12 (v 1)
° Torch and Torchhodlers now generates Heat(2) [freez to crisp]

° and minor other non-ment changes...
+WOP Server Additions (deleted)
+WOP Natural Vanilla Decorations (obsolete/will be deleted soon)
+WOP be Creative (obsolete/will be deleted soon)
+and many others...
-- repair armor
-- mod/code -size
-- mod version
° adding much more
° non-usable but harvestable crops/items for more recipe alternates (comming 12/22)

SoruceModLink(s): n/a
*found something similar? link the modsource in the comments, i dont care.

(°o°) comment for sugs or anything else (°.°)

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.17.5 31 5 days ago Show
v1.17.3 58 Nov 7th at 11:47 PM Show
v1.17.2 49 Nov 2nd at 6:44 PM Show

10 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 Sempai_Nagi, Nov 7th at 11:46 PM

found it (and fixed it. it was a simple but huge missspelling in 1 line of 1config.), thx for the bugreport Omnifarious

💬 Omnifarious, Nov 7th at 3:22 PM

We were getting a crash if you look at the stick recipes by hovering over and pressing H on a stick.

Wound up tracking it down to this mod by disabling every mod and then turning them on and off individually till we replicated the crash.

💬 Sempai_Nagi, Nov 4th at 8:42 AM

in comparison with my old mod (somewhat about 1600downloads),
i dont get it, why it is important to list the content cus the old one has also no info about the content.. xD
anyway, its like the oldMod but has new additions in it. nothing else changed.

best is to download this pack now (whether you use it or not),
cus at somepoint i will close my server (WOP -World Of Players)
and then this pack will became obsolete and i will also remove it from here like my other mods.
(this is only needed here in the DB, to ensure, players can join my server, thats the only reason why this Pack is uploaded here!)

@Mendall     |Thank you for your patience and thank you for using one of my other mods and having fun with it.|    

💬 Mendall, Nov 3rd at 4:43 PM

wow so I see why it took a while to tell us what it does.

because it does ....... well .... every thing.

took all this time to list it all.


💬 Mendall, Nov 1st at 4:43 PM

well that explains everything the mod is NOT.

what is it going to be.

Except for a brief clue that it will contain some decoration Content.

I still have no clue.

Just to let you know I have done a search on this site for the mod (WOPserverAdditions )and got no hits.

So unless you have a link to share with us that’s not a lotta help.

I most admit as a form of advertisement your ploy is working. I find myself returning every day to check and see if there is a new scrap of info.

💬 Sempai_Nagi, Nov 1st at 6:30 AM

let me debug it first, ive forgot to mention, its a "prototype of the old-mod"mod. its not rly debuged,but has huge changes to the whole game(play) itself. im doing it until i finish the other one. and before that,i need to "test" with a short gameplay by myself befor i will update/upload the final version of it. anyway,just for now,it will be a "Placeholder" for the final one. the other mods of mine, maybe i will fuse them into this one, not sure about that,cus they adding so much decorationContent that is normaly only ava in cretivemode.. Sorry for late responding. [Please DONT download this modpack! if you use the old-one "Wop server additions",stay with it.]

💬 AmenoS, Oct 31st at 10:43 PM

What does it do? What does it add? What does it change? Why is it tagged under so many things, so it appears everywhere, but offers no knowledge on what it actually does? C'mon....

💬 Mendall, Oct 30th at 6:47 PM

I searched your name and found your other two mods and they are great.  I already have ways to get both leaves to decorate with and chisel-able lights but I had to install much larger mods to get them.  Updating those mods to 1.17 (or letting us know if they still work ) would be great.

That said I am now exited to find out what this mod dose. but like the others have mentioned, without a description of some sort no one is going to risk installing it in there worlds.


💬 Michaloid, Oct 30th at 2:28 PM

So, what does this mod do?

💬 AdrianNumbers, Oct 30th at 8:23 AM

But what is the content ? At least add link to the original mod please.

(edit comment delete)