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Category: #Technology
Author: jakecool19
Side: Both
Created: Feb 14th
Last modified: Jun 8th
Downloads: 2140

This mod contains a whole bunch of my crazy ideas and experiments.

Climbing Rope:

Taken from Caelum Terras, the climbing rope offers an efficient, fast, and reusable way to descend. Only the rope anchor needs to be crafted, the ropes can be used for any other recipe even after being deployed!


Shields offer the player the ability to completely block attacks in front of them, by crouching with it in either hand. Shields will break and durability lost is based on the damage dealt and the tier of the attack. Currently, there are four shields:

Wicker Shield(Stone Age)

The crudely made shield can protect you from a few attacks but will break in no time. Can take 10 wolf attacks before breaking

Pelt Shield(Early Copper Age)

A much more refined and somewhat more damage-resistant shield due to animal hide. Can take 30 wolf attacks before breaking

Leather Shield(Late Copper Age)

Strong and sturdy, made out of copper and leather, ideal for those looking for a fight. Can take 75 wolf attacks before breaking

Composite Shield(Iron Age)

Iron layered with leather and linen, this is the shield of the Vanguard and can withstand attacks of even the strongest monstrosities. Can take up to 150 wolf attacks or 40 nightmare drifter attacks before breaking!


The sluice ramp can separate rocks and valuables from any pannable soil/block, meaning you do not have to spend hours knee-deep in water filling your inventory with junk to find valuables. To use the ramp first you need a small current of water, the lowest current it will go to. Put the ramp below it and if you placed it right you should see water flow down. Place a hopper on top and fill it with pannable soils, like sand, gravel, etc, and voila! Items separated fall out the front of it. Keep in mind it is only half as efficient as normal panning!
Tent bag
The tent bag allows the player to create a temporary structure and carry it around with them, making a nomadic lifestyle even in the most hostile terrain possible.
  • Create a structure within a 7X3X7 area and right-click the block underneath the structure in the center to pack it up
  • There must not be banned blocks in the area(rock, static translocators, etc.)
  • Containers and Item piles will drop their contents upon packing
  • To unpack you need solid 7X7 ground and a completely clear 7X3X7 area above that
  • Right-click on the block underneath the center to deploy
  • It costs 100 saturation to pack up and unpack a tent

Climbing Pick

These amazing climbing tools allow you to climb any block or surface. It can only be made from iron+ materials and requires that you have two, one in each hand in order to climb. Climbing with these will slowly damage them over time, and they can be repaired by the Necessaries Grindstone.


This crudely put-together flying contraption can help transverse mountainous areas much faster. Much caution and care must be taken not to land too hard or land in the wrong spot.

General Usage:

  • Jump off a cliff or ledge with the glider in hand to glide. Look where you want to go and press space to stop and fall normally. Do not hold space.
  • Looking down will cause you to descend faster but gain much more horizontal speed. Aiming towards the horizon will cause you to descend slower while looking up will slow you down horizontally and even make you go backward
  • Looking too far up or too far down will cause you to stall, losing all your momentum and crashing to the ground.
  • The wind can have a huge effect on your gliding experience. Flying with it will have you zooming through the air while flying against it will have you moving at a snail's pace.
  • There are many different options in the config to change how the glider flies.

Other Features

  • Crazy caves feature to make caves significantly bigger(Experimental and disabled by default)
  • Trees can be manipulated in the config
  • Lanterns can be put on a backpack by having them in the first top left slot and a backpack in the leftmost backpack slot.
  • Arrows can be loaded with different things. Put fat, a torch, and an arrow in the crafting grid to make a fire arrow. Put an arrow and an ore blasting bomb in the crafting grid to make an explosive bow. And put an arrow and a filled beenade in the grid to make a beenade arrow.

This is a WIP and as time goes on I will add more little things I come up with. See the homepage for more detailed information. Let me know of any suggestions/bugs on the forums and enjoy!


Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.8.1 77 Jun 8th Show
v1.8.0 133 May 30th Show
v1.7.1 143 May 20th Show
v1.7.0 257 May 3rd Show
v1.6.0 167 Apr 26th Show
v1.5.4 202 Apr 18th Show
v1.5.3 82 Apr 16th Show
v1.5.2 115 Apr 10th Show
v1.5.1 255 Mar 30th Show
v1.5.0 79 Mar 29th Show
v1.4.0 104 Mar 26th Show
v1.3.0 117 Mar 22nd Show
v1.2.0 195 Feb 26th Show
v1.1.2 138 Feb 17th Show
v1.1.1 76 Feb 15th Show


Taikirou, Jun 5th

Okay Crafting Pickaxes work only if i turn off the new function for Pickaxes!
I think the Idea in generall isnt bad just should be improve the tools but should let them be crafted normal too maybe.
(A change in tooltips for crafting Pickaxes (Iron and higher) would be good too cuz it took long to figure out whats going on)

Old Message: "Since new update i cannot craft Iron Pickaxe anymore."

Eisenwulf, Jun 2nd

Firstly, thanks for your wonderful mod; secondly, which version do we need for the 'lantern on backpack' thing? I have the mod and that feature doesn't seem to work; and thirdly, I'll request you (please) to make video on how to deal with the tent (construction, etc).

jakecool19, May 30th

In the attributes of the tent bag's json file there should be a field called size. If you change that to 4 that will increase the size of the tent to 9x4x9, but you will still have to pick the block underneath the center of the floor in order to pack properly. The lantern is a problem with the vanilla system that the tent uses, so I will report it to the devs and see what I can do about it from my end.

SironaGold, May 26th

Would it be possible to make the Tent bag 7x4x7? it'd allow you to put a floor in, with a central block marker so that you don't acidentally trim off the roof of your yurt only if you click on a campfire you've marked the middle with.

Also, when unpacking the tent bag, any lantern will become copper lanterns with no lining, a fact that cost me a significant amount of gold...

Ahrondus, May 20th

The Homepage says that toolheads can be melted down. So to test, I placed a copper shovel head in the firepit. It says I need a crucible, which makes sense. However, I cannot put the toolhead in the crucible, after placing a crucible on the firepit. Am I missing something?

Edit: Can this recycling process be extended to full tools as well, with a return only viable if the tool is above 95% durability?

jakecool19, Apr 27th

You can now clip a lantern on to a backpack. :)

Shardas, Apr 20th

Is it possible for you to make a wearable lantern on your belt slot or make a new lantern slot? I want to use the shield but I'd have to forgo a light source when I'm cave diving. Something similar to wearing lanterns like Outward or Dragon's Dogma. To balance it out you can put a debuff on speed, hunger consumption, or reduced light to make it more balanced or making some craftable belt that you need to access a belt lantern slot. Sorry for this unreasonable request but I think it's a good QoL addition that works well for your shields.

jakecool19, Apr 16th

Ok, I just released a patch that should stop the crashes and reduce the debug info of the sluice.

Kai_VSoAdmin, Apr 15th

The server crashes whenever somebody destroys one of the locust horde nests, since we got all locusts disabled on our server.

SingABrightSong, Apr 6th

Getting a lot of logspam from the sluice when running without Primitive Survival. Keeps trying to give fishing hooks and earthworms.

Quixjote, Mar 29th

Jake, loving the new glider you put in last night. Was testing around and in an area with moderate wind I was usually stalling out/going backwards. Normally wouldn't be a problem, except you mentioned in your code that at the moment wind seems to always blow in a +x direction. Would it be better to either just disable wind recognition for now, or make it so that depending on speed maybe you get a drop or a lift in altitude? 

jakecool19, Mar 2nd

Thank you guys so much! My hope is to figure out a way to use the terrain generator instead of the cave generator, as that would be a lot more efficient and would create a more continuous underground environment.

Theisgood, Mar 1st

Dam you were not lying when you said crazy caves. Thanks for the info too, I wanted to install this on my next playthrough.

Amazing mod!

l33tmaan, Feb 28th

Woah, those caves ARE crazy!

jakecool19, Feb 28th

There should be two screenshots, although they may not be showing up for you because the site is a wip. Its basically just makes the caves way bigger. You can enable it in the config, if you had the mod before this update, you can delete the config and run the game once to get it to regenerate. It is not very well tested or polished though so may wanna watch out if you use it. ;)

Theisgood, Feb 28th

What are crazy caves update? Screenshots :) 

KoiThorn, Feb 26th

Yeah, good tip, thanks Jake.

Craluminum, Feb 26th

I almost did fully automated panning


jakecool19, Feb 26th

Most likely not, in fact, the original purpose of this mod was for a standalone of the climbing rope because people requested it from my floating islands mod. I do not want to keep making mods for single items and taking mod ids increasing the chance of a conflict, especially with the wonderful growth the modding community is experiencing right now. If you do not want the shield and rope you can put enabled:false in their configs and that will disable them.

KoiThorn, Feb 26th

I mean, as a mod by itself without the shields and rope.

jakecool19, Feb 25th

The sluice is not for early game, especially since with it, and paired with mods like the Works it means a labor-free way of getting copper and other resources. Having the need for hoppers means that the player will have already gotten far in the copper age. Also gravel/sand in this game does not fall straight down like in other games. If the sluice takes from the bottom it will go sliding everywhere and even if it takes from the top there is still a limit to how high it can be built, which kinda goes against its purpose which is to automate panning.

Craluminum, Feb 25th

Wdym? Sluice without hopper-above-dependence?

KoiThorn, Feb 25th

Any chance on the sluice by itself?

jakecool19, Feb 17th

No, the hopper is necessary.

Craluminum, Feb 16th

Is there a way to just drop sand on the top of sluice without any damn hoppers?

jakecool19, Feb 15th

Thank you, fixed!

Craluminum, Feb 15th

File is missing

Craluminum, Feb 14th

Sluice is a very useful thing all the time

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