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Author: Apache
Side: Client
Created: Feb 16th at 2:23 PM
Last modified: Oct 15th at 5:09 PM
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Waypoint Extensions

A VintageMods release, by Apache Gaming

Options Menu Hotkey: F7

Allows the player to enable or disable automatic trader and translocator waypoint creation. When enabled, traders will get a waypoint when you enter their GUI. Translocators and Teleporters will get a waypoint when used.


Quickly, and easily add waypoint markers at your current position.

Syntax: .wp [pin (Optional)] [bclay | beehive | bees | bismuth | bismuthinite | black-coal | blcoal | blue-clay | borax | brcoal | brown-coal | cassiterite | cave | chromite | chromium | cinnibar | copper | fclay | fire-clay | galena | gold | hematite | home | ilmenite | iron | lead | limonite | magnetite | malachite | meteor | mushroom | olivine | peat | platinum | poi | quartz | resin | rhodium | rhodochrosite | ruins | saltpeter | silver | sphalerite | sulfur | sulphur | tin | titanium | tl | trader | translocator | uranium | zinc] [title (Optional)]

Example: .wp copper
Example: .wp pin home Apache
Example: .wp trader Trader (Building Supplies)
Example: .wp poi Point of Interest (Amazing Landscape!)


Adds a waypoint for the nearest trader at your current location. Must be within 10 blocks of the trader. Icon colours follow the precedent set within the AutoMap mod.

Syntax: .wpt [pin]


Re-centres the map at a specific position, a specific player, or on yourself.

Syntax: .cm [plr|player|pos|position|spawn].

Example: .cm
Example: .cm spawn
Example: .cm plr Apache
Example: .cm pos 15000 10000

COMMAND: .wpex

Various waypoint utility functions.

Syntax: .wpex purge-icon - Purges all waypoints with the specified icon. Requires confirmation.
Syntax: .wpex purge-nearby [radius] - Purges all waypoints within a set radius.
Syntax: .wpex auto-tl - Enables/Disables Automatic Translocator Waypoints.
Syntax: .wpex auto-tr - Enables/Disables Automatic Trader Waypoints.


Broadcasts your current XYZ coordinates to the server, in the form of a chat message. Also copies your coordinates to the clipboard.

COMMAND: .wptl

Adds a waypoint to a fixed translocator, within five blocks of the player.

Syntax: .wptl [pin]

COMMAND: .wptp

Adds a waypoint to a teleporter block, within five blocks of the player.

Syntax: .wptp [pin]



Donate via Paypal:

Custom Waypoint Types:

You can add custom waypoint types, or override the ones that are included within the mod by editing the file "~\ModData\VintageMods\Waypoint Extensions\World\{WorldIndetifier}\". This is on a per-world basis, so you can have separate custom waypoint types for each world you play in. The file is in JSONC format. Examples and instructions are included within the file.

Reporting Bugs and Requesting Features:

You can report bugs, and request new features, by heading on over to GitHub, and starting a new ticket. This is the best way to make sure I get your feeback quickly, and in a way that allows me to implement necessary changes.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.7.0 37 Oct 15th at 5:09 PM Show
v1.6.0 169 Aug 18th at 1:23 AM Show
v1.5.0 141 Jul 18th at 8:52 PM Show
v1.4.0 240 May 9th at 8:48 PM Show

9 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

DArkHekRoMaNT, Jul 25th at 2:13 PM

Can't open the settings dialog

Fulgen, Jul 19th at 6:19 AM

From the 1.15 changelog:

> Notice: In AssetLocation, the domain and path should always be lowercase; the core game engine automatically sets them to lowercase if creating an AssetLocation from a filename on disk, or from a domain:path element in a JSON file 

The game's naming conventions are to use lowercase, and it will only load that.

Apache, Jul 18th at 8:46 PM
DArkHekRoMaNT, Jul 9th

On Linux, the names in the mod do not work correctly. Most likely the problem is in the case-sensetive and the game does not see the lang files, because Assets instead of assets, Lang instead of lang, etc.

I have no way of testing in Linux, or any expertise in it. Is there any way to fix this problem within Linux, without me needing to break my naming conventions?

DArkHekRoMaNT, Jul 9th at 1:03 AM

On Linux, the names in the mod do not work correctly. Most likely the problem is in the case-sensetive and the game does not see the lang files, because Assets instead of assets, Lang instead of lang, etc.

Apache, Jun 24th at 8:41 PM


Auto-waypoints for WAILA targets is certainly something I'll be looking at, in the future. :) Thank you for your suggestion.


I currently have it set so that any waypoints with a spiral icon will stop it adding a new waypoint. I'll change it so that any waypoint at that exact location will stop it adding a new one. :)


As of 1.4.0, Waypoint Extensions does use SavegameIdentifier to uniquely identify gameworlds.

DArkHekRoMaNT, Jun 18th at 12:52 AM

You can use api.World.SavegameIdentifier to uniquely identify the worlds

Aledark, Jun 17th at 4:10 PM

I love it Apache especially the autowaypoint feature and the recenter map function(which should be in vanilla for sure) plus the center over a plr is awesome too :)

I was wondering if it was possible in a way that the autowaypoint lets me rename(keeping the coords) in title like TL to Wiggle without readding an other waypoint on top when i retake it. Certain TLs i modify the icon with a star and change the color and rename them like TL back home or TL to soandso and i keep the coords in parathesis.

Strex, Jun 12th at 1:08 PM

Can you add "auto waypoint" option?


When you hover your mouse on specific block (like surface deposit,clay,peat,terrapreta,etc) you press a key and it automaticly makes a specific type of waypoint to this block.


Craluminum, Feb 16th at 2:26 PM

I recommend you to add peat, olivine, mushroomresin natively (to the current default list ofc)

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