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Category: #Cosmetics
Author: SpearAndFang
Side: Both
Created: 3 days ago
Last modified: 3 days ago
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The mod you need but didn't even know it - an in-game particle designer for players and modders alike!  

Build a Particulator and use its gui to design your own custom particles in real time - unleash your create energy and liven up your surroundings!  Optionally, build a Particulator Link Tool to link your new creation to some external location, or create some complex particle effects by linking several particulators to a single location.

Just play around with it and see what happens, or look here for clues on how this gizmo works.

Pro-tip: Some of the settings are very sensitive. Simply hover over them and then use the mouse wheel to increment/decrement by one.  Hold down LEFT-SHIFT and use the mouse wheel for more granular changes (0.1), or LEFT-CTRL mouse wheel for highly granular changes (0.01).  There's no need to click at all if the gui is selected.

If you create something amazing, please share the c# code with me and I will incorporate it directly into the next mod release!  

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.0 18 3 days ago Show


SpearAndFang, 1 day ago

Gosh, thanks! (blushing).  I just dropped this early release here because I'm getting a bit busy irl.  I've got CaptainOats on board to help design some cool new particle effects and more, and there will definitely be a video to go along with the next release.

Tyron, 2 days ago

Epic, should be part of the vanilla game :D

You should upload that demo video onto youtube and put it here too!

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