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Created: Jun 2nd at 10:50 PM
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Hey! So couldn't update the original mod so I deleted it, Considering that this is a different chart I may make a secondary version of the mod for those who enjoyed panning up easy bronze! We will see. Was able to get it down to a very small list of items without any random items showing up!

Been learning more about programming and I have rebuilt and reworked some stuff around.

Some panning tweaks and buffs!

Now Panning bony soil, sand and gravel is more likely to give players things that are actually useful at higher rates to help make getting through the early game a little bit faster and reliable. This cuts out most of the junk that gets panned up and both shrinks the panning lists and increases the chances of getting relatively good loot, at rates that can help prevent and lessen issues of building up stacks of flint that becomes way more than needed.

So here are the adjusted panning lists and the percent chances for each item available


30% Stone [whatever rock type you're panning]

20% Flint

10% Obsidian

40% Copper nugget

10% Rusty Gear

20% Flax Fiber

Bony Soil

20% Flax Fiber

30% Rusty Gear

5% Candle

20% Gold Nugget

20% Silver Nugget

15% Temporal Gear

So it shoudl be reasonably quick to stack a large amount of copper as well as some other general early game items, such as Flax Fiber and Gears, as well as some Black Bronze ingredients, candles, and easy temporal gears for bony soil. As well as obsidian! Honestly I just think obsidian is neat so there you go.

Should help the early game, getting that early hump of copper out of the way for a pickaxe and hammer and, if you wanna just keep doing that, stockpile some extra copper while listening to podcasts or something, i dunno do you!


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💬 17_, Aug 15th at 10:05 PM

Absolutely love the mod. Not only makes early game less painful, but also makes it viable to keep playing on copper/bronze tech for those who want it.

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