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Author: Hieronymus
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Created: May 6th at 10:44 PM
Last modified: May 6th at 10:45 PM
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Adds twenty-eight species of pond frogs that spawn in different environments to your world. They can be caught and transported alive using a bug net, and both male and female frogs are included. This mod includes the Korean brown frog (Rana coreana), the Chinese brown frog (R. chensinensis), Dybowski’s frog (R. dybowskii), the Chaochiao frog (R. chaochiaoensis), the Huanren frog (R. huanrensis), the Dabie Mountains frog (R. dabieshanensis), the Jiuling Mountains frog (R. jiulingensis), the Jiemuxi brown frog (R. jiemuxiensis), Johns’ groove-toed frog (R. johnsi), the plateau brown frog (R. kukunoris), the Luanchuan frog (R. luanchuanensis), the Maoershan frog (R. maoershanensis), the Omei brown frog (R. omeimontis), the Sangzhi groove-toed frog (R. sangzhiensis), the Zhenhai brown frog (R. zhenhaiensis), the Taiwan long-legged frog (R. longicrus), the Taiwan groove-toed frog (R. sauteri), the Japanese brown frog (R. japonica), the greater Tago’s frog (R. tagoi), the dwarf Tago’s frog (R. kyoto), the Nagano brown frog (R. neba), the Napparagawa frog (R. sakuraii), the Hokkaido frog (R. pirica), the montane brown frog (R. ornativentris), the Tsushima brown frog (R. tsushimensis), Ueno’s brown frog (R. uenoi), the Ryukyu brown frog (R. ulma), and the Amami brown frog (R. kobai). This mod is the second entry in a multi-mod series based on the genus Rana.

Credit to Benboncan and Baudewijn Odé for some of the sound effects used. If you have an audio recording of one of these species that you would like to see used in the mod, let me know.

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6 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 Hieronymus, May 7th at 5:12 PM

I am completely open to feedback, but I am, for the moment, sticking to my principles of subdividing mods if I think that the scope is too large for the type of modding that I typically do.

💬 Hieronymus, May 7th at 5:07 PM

Sheepon is right, I am subdividing this by geographic region. I don't want to make a single mod with over 30 or so species because having smaller mods allows players to customize what is in their game if they are concerned about regional accuracy or the performance of their game. Since my mods at the moment are all small animals with small textures, they are generally not as taxing on the texture atlas as mods that use larger textures. I understand that I could have merged this with Pond Frogs I, which was my original plan, but I kept the mods separate for those two reasons.

💬 sheepon, May 7th at 3:41 PM


Pond Frogs I are mostly Europpean frogs while these are Asian. I imagine having them be separate mods lets players decide if they only want stuff that's native to one region or another. Might break immersion for biology nerds if everything was all lumped together.

💬 Craluminum, May 7th at 10:47 AM

Why not merge this with Pond Frogs I?

💬 Runehawk, May 7th at 9:29 AM

If I were to install this along with Pond Frogs I, assuming I have other mods that add creatures, would this be taxing on the texture atlas?

💬 Phinxter24, May 7th at 4:40 AM

Thanks for your work!!

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