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Author: Ruddi
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Created: Jan 8th at 2:23 AM
Last modified: Jan 12th at 11:36 PM
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First of all I want to thank my Compadre Mister_Andy_Dandy for his fabulous Mod, since without this Mod my Mod would not work. I also want to thank my Compadres CATASTEROID and SpearAndFang for their help, ideas and advice.



This Mod requires the Mod Furniture Overhaul Library (the most recent version).

This is not Vanilla.


This Mod includes Weapons and Tools, New Blocks, Decorative Blocks, New Containers, Clothes for Men and Women, an invisible Iron Armor (so you can show off your clothes without being covered by the armor), Large capacity Sacks and Backpacks, etc.

Please report any bugs to me!

Note: This Mod was made in Spanish, possibly the English translation is not 100% correct. This Mod is not compatible with Wood Barrels as it has its own barrels.


After installing the two mods (Medieval Fashion and Furniture Overhaul Library) create a world in creative so you can see the new blocks and items and you can see their recipes.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.1.1 407 Jan 12th at 11:36 PM Show
v1.1.0 145 Jan 11th at 2:27 AM Show
v1.0.10 154 Jan 9th at 12:53 AM Show

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💬 0mni, 4 days ago

is there a way to just seperate the invisible armor and do it for all armor?

💬 Ruddi, Jan 14th at 5:51 PM


the mod adds a new barrel model and the woods from the game can be used, the recipes are the vanilla ones.

💬 Yanazake, Jan 13th at 11:52 AM

question: Are vanilla barrels still able to be made, or is it a good idea to use the "fix bad recipes" mod with this?

💬 Ryan_Thomas, Jan 11th at 4:41 PM

I absolutely love this mod, thank you.  I especially like the new wavy textures of the sand; totally awesome!

💬 Ruddi, Jan 11th at 2:29 AM


ok 👍

💬 Fuji, Jan 11th at 12:46 AM


A list of tags is not a description.

💬 Ruddi, Jan 11th at 12:41 AM



💬 Ruddi, Jan 11th at 12:39 AM


You need to read on this same page at the top the "categories" that this mod has, one of those categories are the textures.


💬 Ruddi, Jan 11th at 12:35 AM


Just update the Furniture Overhaul Library mod to its latest version and it will no longer cause problems

💬 Ruddi, Jan 11th at 12:33 AM


Because my mod adds new textures, it's a mod

💬 Ruddi, Jan 11th at 12:32 AM

💬 Ruddi, Jan 11th at 12:31 AM


Not yet

💬 Pijavica, Jan 10th at 11:36 PM

Hey! is there any chance of you making a seperate version of the mod with only the new content, and none of the retextured vanilla objects?

💬 Fuji, Jan 10th at 11:36 PM

This mod really needs a proper description.  Nowhere does it say it replaces vanilla objects, nowhere does it say it replaces textures, there is zero documentation or hints as to what it actually adds and the ingame guide doesn't even work.  The new stuff seems nice, but that's completely overshadowed by this being a nightmare of compatability and consistency and conflicts with several popular mods.

💬 Dumpmaster, Jan 10th at 5:45 AM

the required mod above is causing fatal crashes when placing unfired items into pit kilns however most of your mod still works without the required mod enabled. there are others with the same problem as well so i know it isnt just me.

💬 Lumber, Jan 10th at 1:01 AM

Why does the mod change vanilla textures?

💬 SalemRobin, Jan 9th at 2:47 PM

Support for wildcraft trees wood variants, by any chance?

💬 Mendall, Jan 8th at 10:54 PM

I am running so many mods at present that adding any new large mods is a bit sketchy.

My poor potato in smoking trying to keep up as is.

So I haven't tried your mod.

There are two many things in it I don’t need for me to strain my poor computer any more.

But that said if the swords in your last pic are accurate to how they look in game. Then I am crying inside.

Those are beautiful and I would kill to have them in my world. If you ever make a mod of just those swords ill dump someone else’s mod to have them.. but who's? Such hard decisions……..

💬 Ruddi, Jan 8th at 10:27 PM

znatik Vronizos

the new version (1.0.9) fixes the problem with the handrails and the "cajita", thanks for reporting the bugs! 😬

💬 Vronizos, Jan 8th at 9:10 PM

Nice mod!
few things:
1. putting up handrails crash the game (not every time, but very often)

2. i have a lot of errors on my logs
for example:
- [Error] Block with code medieval:cajitawall-carrot-south has defined a block class cajita, no such class registered. Will ignore.
- Failed registering block medieval:medievalfencefancy-acacia-empty-free: System.Exception: Block must have a unique code ('medieval:medievalfencefancy-acacia-empty-free' is already in use)
in Vintagestory.Server.ServerMain.RegisterBlock(Block block)

3. some wearable items like King's Robe has wrong item slot type (in Kings Robe case is a Emblem type, but should be Upper Body I think)

💬 macoto_hino, Jan 8th at 4:51 PM


I sent the client's crash log and the server's main log file to DM.
I have many mods installed, so I feel it is very likely that there is some kind of conflict.

💬 znatik, Jan 8th at 4:46 PM

I have 38 mods. Everything works perfectly . One mistake blocks of birch planks are confused. I think it's because of the texture pack mod.

💬 Ruddi, Jan 8th at 3:52 PM


please send me the client report by MD.
I think my mod is "hitting" with another mod, since it doesn't give me any errors and I don't get any warnings.

💬 PastaNipples, Jan 8th at 3:46 PM

Thank you for the update!

💬 Ruddi, Jan 8th at 3:44 PM

The textures of the rocks and the "cross" have been removed in version 1.0.7

💬 macoto_hino, Jan 8th at 2:43 PM


Thank you for the quick update.
And we had a current situation where the client was crashing when gazing at the installed wooden handrail after replacing the existing staircase with a mod wooden staircase and installing the wooden handrail.
Once the mod was unplugged and the installed wooden handrail was removed, it has now been restored.
If you would like a crash log, I can provide one.
And the amount of errors and warnings on the server is crazy.

💬 Akiyusa, Jan 8th at 1:47 PM

Ruddi Unfortunate but understandable. I think the lack of option to use vanilla textures and crosshair might turn a lot of people away, but I suppose the solution will just be learning to edit the mod files to remove them ourselves. 
Thank you for the response regardless!

💬 macoto_hino, Jan 8th at 12:56 PM


Medieval Fashion is a mod of about 3000 lines, so I hope to have it translated into Japanese within the next week.

And I've installed the mod as soon as possible, and there is no doubt that it is very wonderful.
However, it seems to be replacing existing textures, and other mods that load existing textures reflected it.
Some of the textures reflected without any problems, while others are strange.
I would prefer the option to change the rock textures on the terrain and the cross in the middle of the screen.

And I feel that the backpacks and storages systems need to be adjusted, as they are far beyond the vanilla ones and even the mod BackpackPack.

The wooden stairs and railings are really great. The round barrels too.
I expect round buckets next.

You can watch the village I am building at the URL below.
It's in Japanese, though, so I don't think you'll understand what it's about.

💬 Ruddi, Jan 8th at 12:05 PM

I think the best thing is to take a chair and sit down to wait for the Japanese translation, because if you wait standing up you may get very tired. 🤣

Where can I see your work in the villages?

💬 Ruddi, Jan 8th at 11:01 AM


unfortunately I can't make an "individual" mod for each person, and you can read in "category" that my mod is also a "Texture Pack", therefore it changes and adds various textures to the game.

💬 znatik, Jan 8th at 10:40 AM

That's great. Such a choice of everything. Fantasy forward. Tell me, is it possible to return the sight with an atom cross with a skull, somehow creepy. thanks in advance .

💬 znatik, Jan 8th at 9:58 AM

The mod is just amazing. How we missed it. Thank you so much. You brightened my day.

💬 macoto_hino, Jan 8th at 7:18 AM

I am a village builder and this is a great mod for me.
The hanging foodstuffs that can be displayed and the wooden stairs with handrails that can be used indoors are great.
Haven't seen the whole thing yet, but I'll be entertained while you make a Japanese translation!😆

💬 PastaNipples, Jan 8th at 7:07 AM


Ah! I should have better worded myself, it's the textures and broader sweeps that get me, as Akiyusa mentioned. Thank you for the reply all the same :)

💬 Akiyusa, Jan 8th at 5:42 AM

There's no mention of it, but either this mod or Furniture overhaul changes the stone textures, the crosshair- Is there any chance at a version without these changes? 


💬 Ruddi, Jan 8th at 4:32 AM

just don't use my weapons or tools or vice versa. just use what you like.

💬 PastaNipples, Jan 8th at 4:26 AM

Very cool mod! Love the theme, aesthetics, so much to play with. If I may make a request, any possible way to split the mod into segments? For example if I like the building parts but prefer to use another mod for weapons, or vice versa?

💬 AnIronicTree, Jan 8th at 3:00 AM

Thank you for making this, this is awesome! :)

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