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Author: WickedSchnitzel
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Created: Jul 27th at 6:15 PM
Last modified: Jul 27th at 6:46 PM
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This was part of the 'Conquest of Blocks' server pack. We sorted this out because it does not really fit to the lore of the game.

Mod description:

Magic mushrooms are cute -somewhat rare- creatures that can be spotted mostly in rural areas and
will have different effects when eaten, depending on their color:

Red: Poisonous (-30 HP). Better do not eat.
Green: Will heal your wounds when eaten (+15 HP).
Brown: Will reduce hunger drastically when eaten (+900 sat).

All mushroom caps will be fresh for 24 hours only.

Credits: Cro.Bro for the initial model.

Discord: (browser link)

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.0 30 Jul 27th at 6:46 PM Show

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Hexedian, 1 day ago

Have you considered making them breedable? They could eat rot out of small troughs.

LOVEINJECTION, Jul 28th at 1:33 PM

cute shrigma

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