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Author: Darce
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Created: May 16th at 6:35 PM
Last modified: May 17th at 5:29 PM
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Latest file for v1.19.8:
Rot Creatures 1-click install

New creatures inspired from the Rot

Rotwalkers: Its eyes, once windows to a soul, now gleam with an unnatural, sickly glow, devoid of humanity or compassion. Jagged teeth jut out from a lipless maw, ready to rend flesh from bone in a moment of frenzied hunger. (hp: 6, dmg: 5)

Rotbeasts: In the case of beasts, it led to these wandering monstrosities, their fur, once lush and vibrant, now hangs in clumps, matted with filth and clinging to its emaciated frame. Patches of diseased skin peek through the sparse fur, oozing with the sickly residue of the blight. (hp: 8/12/20, dmg: 3/6/10)

Rot pillars: Living columns of putrefaction, driven by an insatiable urge to spread the blight that birthed it. A fate worse than death. (hp: 20, dmg: 7)

Miasma: The air around it is thick with the stench of decay and the buzzing of parasitic creatures, drawn to the festering wounds and the promise of new life within (hp: 15)

Still need to tweak certain values like difficulty, health, damage, and speed of creatures and would appreciate any feedback on it.

Not very experienced with mods so also looking for the help of someone more knowledgeable on coding VS mods than me, if anyone's interested.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v1.0.3 1008 May 17th at 5:29 PM Show Rot Creatures Install now
v1.0.2 70 May 17th at 5:19 PM Show Rot Creatures Install now
v1.0.1 121 May 16th at 11:44 PM Show Rot Creatures Install now
v1.0.0 84 May 16th at 6:43 PM Show Rot Creatures Install now

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💬 AngryOscar, Jul 4th at 5:10 AM

agree. make them less common and fix directional sound

💬 UA_Shaman, Jul 1st at 7:47 PM

Was looking through your mod and found a strange thing.
The miasma.json file is missing }, which closes the entire configuration. Thus, it prevents the creature from spawning and gives errors. You also have the spawn conditions repeated three times. This is also a mistake. Hope this helps. If you need help, you can reply to me in private messages in Discord. I will always be glad. By the way, I described and showed you where and which mistakes in Discord.

💬 BoogieBrando, Jun 15th at 2:07 PM

Following in the hopes these creatures become rare encounters as opposed to common ones!

💬 Zanklev, Jun 14th at 3:41 AM

I like the new editions but I too am having the issue where the sounds they're making are in my head, sounds like they are right on top of me.

💬 NAVAROME, Jun 10th at 8:51 PM

the mod is cool but the sounds are anoying because they are not directional, the monster is far away , not in view, and he sounds like hes on top of you

💬 I3eauLeBoi, Jun 9th at 2:09 PM

Are sound and densitiy still an issue? I'd love to try this mod.

Tested it, donno. I don't see many issues as far as i can see.
The Miasma is bugged though that when it dies, it'll repeat its dying animation.
Enemies drop loot from rot to gears, skulls and bones. The rate of spawning is something i didn't test since i tried it in the editor.
Sound wise, i guess its fine? Some can be just a little too loud but, not ear deaffening.

Although the common enemies are absolutely no challange, weak health and level 0 damage tiers.
Knights have tier 2 damage. So if people tend to complain that there's many, then you now know as to why to balance things. Since people requested them to be less tanky and hard to fight.
I'd personally recommend rolling them back, rate of spawn down, but making them rather dangerous. Otherwise there's no threat to them c:

Last edit:
I can't even seem to find any rot creatures myself after making a new game, so eh... yeah.

💬 KnightessOruna, May 23rd at 5:07 PM

I agree that the spawning is insane from when I played it with my friend. It seemed like as soon as we would do anything a rotted animals would show uup and I mean constantly. Sound is unreliable to know where the they are as compared to the players location the best way I can decibe it is if the sound was where you where standing and lacks any and all depth or distance.I feel these things should spawn during high rift activity,. maybe around certain ruins if that is even possible to do. The wolf I do not agree with poster Euridious the wolves or they need to be nerfed in some way maybe their speed as they are rotted, sick and decrepit. Also the creature designs are extremely beautiful and extremely well done and in my experience invoked fear, awe, beauty, disgust, and visually  matches the game. Just a thought but if you  do add more varients maybe have them look like they are becoming drifters themselvesi think that would be pretty cool. Also I think there should be more varients to the to the rotwalkers espesically stronger ones. I know in the image there is what appears to be a blackguard rot walker.Though i do not know if this one is hardier and more damaging being a black guard but that might be a cool concept. Running into a tanky armored rotted black guard with high defence, medium damage and a lower life total to the player blackguard could be legit scary. Mod has lots of potentional i really want to feel like I want to turn this mod back on in my game but as it is now I can't suggest this unless you want to feel like you deserve to die for picking the berries next to your hovel. 

Also can we get a loot table for these creatures? Maybe I wasnt unlucky but when i was playing this with my friend I killed maybe 5 or 6 rotwalkers and didnt nottice any loot or a feel for how reliably they may drop things. If they even do that is. I am so in love with the visuals so please keep working at this.

💬 Euridious, May 21st at 11:49 AM

Heya, we messed around with a number of mods for a group playthrough, and one of them was actually your mod. We saw your balance requests and some bugs, and hey, here's what we think.

This is a comprehensive list of recommended changes for balance/bugfixing purposes.

- General spawn rate for most of these mobs should be consistently lower than common Drifters, with rot monsters providing once, as well as generally speaking underground exclusively.
 - Animal monsters should only appear ideally in temporally unstable areas, and on occasion deeper underground for the ram and boar variants (corrupt drifter sort of deep) 
 - Wolf and common Rotwalker mobs appearing on the surface would be a good idea, as the rot in lore would be eating away at flora and fauna alike - specifically meaning trees. They'd be much more at home in a biome still afflicted with rot, though that too may be dubious to fit in lorewise. As weak Rotwalkers and wolves aren't composed at their base of rotting sludge, they make good surface foe candidates.
- This one's been pointed out, but there are audio issues with mobs which don't have volume falloff.
- Rot monsters have had a lot of their personalities and instincts corrupted and corroded. Safe to say that self-preservation should mean nothing, and as such, it would probably be intuitive for most of these mobs not to retreat when having taken enough damage. And yes this includes the wolves, we'll just have to kill them. 
- Having a block-based damaging trail of rot being left behind for the boar/ram/trader variants would be good both for tracking said mobs and for giving a unique challenge out of them.
- We haven't tested their appearance during temporal storms, but we have around rifts, and maybe it's just us, but animals spawn rate is admittedly quite ridiculous. We truly do believe that their spawn rates should be area-limited and generally reduced. As an alternative means of spawning, having them be programmed to on a per-chance basis replace an existing Drifter could be a solid solution. Say when a surface drifter spawns, a 0.1 or 10% chance for your wolf mob to spawn in place of it.

Our biggest problems however, were with the Miasma. Here are our suggestions:
- Miasma death animation is consistently repeated. It appears to be emoting on us.
- Miasma parasites are extremely powerful. Bees do 0.1 damage where parasites do ~3.5. Many Vintarians either wear leather/gambeson armour or don't wear it at all, and as such, are susceptible to a death there is very little they can do about it. 
 - Miasma parasites need nerfs on speed, damage, and/or health status. Like bees, they can't be attacked, but unlike bees, they're truly capable of swiftly killing things. A severe damage reduction (probably to 0.5 health) would be the best balancing factor, considering their immortal status and frequency of attacks.
 - Reducing Miasma parasite spawn rates and clipping the spawn count to at the very highest 3 can help with this too.
- As far as an actual miasma is concerned, we're not seeing much in the way of surrounding particles or shaders like we do with players actually entering the rust world. A similar effect without the screen distortion would be a good effect with the Miasma, just on a weaker scale for balance purposes - something visual to make its presence blaring and obvious beyond the parasite mobs.
- Increased health and fleeing AI would do the Miasma well, making it act as a "Prioritize this or leave right now" sort of enemy in a similar capacity to the Bell. Although, I think seeing one Miasma for every one or two Bells would be a good way to compensate.

None of this has to be taken into consideration of course. We have yet to see what the new mobs in 1.20 will bring us, and we already know some surface foes will be involved. But these are our suggestions all the same.
TLDR: Reduce spawn rates, fix the audio issue, and please do something about the Miasma.

💬 Nalal, May 19th at 2:11 AM

Can confirm the audio issue, even with rot creatures being nowhere near, they still seem to play audio as though they were directly on top of the player.

💬 Maamessu, May 19th at 1:19 AM

While the excessive spawning casuing the server crash seems to be gone, I have noticed something interesting. It seems like newly chunks still have large groups of rotbeasts or rotwalkers spawning in when generated.

💬 Maamessu, May 17th at 8:07 PM

Wanted to report the same issue as blumpo . There's a gurgling audio that seems to be playing directly in the player's ear, instead of emitting from the entity. I think it might be the rotbeast?

Adittionaly, I forgot to report that on a server, the initial version was spawning so many creatures it was bringing down an entire server by running it out of memory. I pulled the mod, but will install the latest to see if that's still the case.

💬 blumpo, May 17th at 6:52 PM

I am not sure if there is just somehow always a rot monster near me and my friends that causes noise to play but we occasionally hear the gurgling sounds even though we can't find any nearby monsters. Also it doesn't seem to use directional audio when it plays the sound.

💬 blumpo, May 17th at 5:16 PM

These are super cool but I agree they spawn WAY too much. Also the rotwalkers seem to give way too many gears.

💬 l33tmaan, May 17th at 4:37 AM

"What if Vintage Story was The Thing?"

Jesus christ! 😱

💬 gndrneutralnoun, May 17th at 2:05 AM

+1 on making them less common. Less tanky while keeping the high damage would be my suggestion as well; they're rotting, they should be falling apart. Or, keep them as they are in terms of stats, but make them only notice the player if you get very close to them - as if their eyes and ears had rotted, and they can only sense the player through vibrations.

💬 Zinger, May 16th at 10:49 PM

i like the monsters you made a lot they are cool looking but they seem to spawn inordantly often for me and are kinda hard to fight so often. would like some configuration files maybe.

edit: actually maybe the pillar isnt meant to spawn during the day in the forest. that seems to happening for me.

💬 Maamessu, May 16th at 10:38 PM

My initial thoughts:

  • Creepy models and sounds, I like what you are going for
  • There's too many of them at the moment, making them less creepy
  • IMO rotbeasts should be very rare surface spawns (maybe attached to ruins since those are rot infected areas)
  • IMO rotwalkers and rot pillars should be underground only (and again maybe attached to ruins/rot infected areas)
  • Better yet, configuration option for spawn rate and criteria

Keep up the work. Looks super cool.

💬 Maamessu, May 16th at 7:58 PM

Going to slap this onto my server and see how it goes. Looks interesting!

💬 Wandour, May 16th at 7:36 PM

god damn

this is a musthave

💬 DUCATISLO, May 16th at 7:30 PM


💬 Marlim, May 16th at 6:50 PM


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