Mods / RelightableTorch

Category: #QoL #Tweak
Author: Erik
Side: Both
Created: May 26th
Last modified: May 26th
Downloads: 114

A very simple mod that makes burning torches to into their relightable form after 72 hours instead of the burned out one. There are no changes to anything else, the burn time is still the same, the torch is just relightable. Should be compatible with all versions of Vintage Story.

Burned out torches are something that always has annoyed me. At best they can easily prevented by destroying and replaying burning torches before they go out and are at worst they mean finding a few new sticks (which are also annyingly uncraftable). Having torches be relightable perserves the intended tedium of relighting torches, but removes the need to either exploit the system or constantly having to craft new torches.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.0 114 May 26th Show


Polraudio, Jun 4th

Thank you very much for this!

Erik, Jun 1st

RE: How difficult would it be to include the modded 'resin torches'?
It should probably be easy to do so, but the resin torches from "Resin Renaissance" don't burn out at all (which is probably a bug), so I can't change what happens when it burns out :P

Eisenwulf, May 30th

How difficult would it be to include the modded 'resin torches'?

Love this mod tho, long time coming.

Lich, May 27th

this is brilliant :D much prefferable behavior

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