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Category: #Utility
Author: Polraudio
Side: Server
Created: Feb 15th
Last modified: Feb 15th
Downloads: 105

This mod will add some useful commands for servers such as /home and /spawn.

Note: This mod works for both server and clients. It also works as standalone version on servers so no need for clients to have it.

Everyone Commands:

This will list commands all players can.

/home works by teleporting the player to their current spawn point. This can be set by using a Temporal gear.

/home [name] teleports the player to a home they named.

/sethome [name] will create a players home with that name.

/homelist will display a list of the players homes.

/delhome [name] will delete a player home they named.

/spawn just teleports you to the world spawn location. AKA where you spawn for the first time.

/me [message] will let players talk in the 3rd person.

/uptime shows the servers current uptime since last restart.

/warp [name] will teleport you to a warp an admin has created.

/warplist will show all available warps that are on the server.

/cooldown will show how long you have left to wait to be able to teleport again.

/quit [message] will show everyone a message then will disconnect you from the server. Very useful for rage quitting with a reason :P

/players will show online players as well as a count. I know .online exists but i didn't like how it looked and well... discovered it after I already made it lol.

Admin Commands/Info:

This will list all commands only admins can use.

/saveconfig will save the config file. Handy to save the config before editing the config file.

/loadconfig will load the config file. Handy if you made changes to the config file when the server is running.

/heal will heal the admin for 100% HP and 50%(for some reason) food.

/setwarp [name] will set a public warp for all players to use.

/delwarp [name] deletes a warp.

The config file is saved when the server is shutting down and loaded upon startup.

There is also a server message you can set to broadcast to all players however often you want(in seconds). This can be set in the config file that is generated on first boot since the mod has been added.

Config Location: AppData\Roaming\VintagestoryData\ModConfig\PolsServerUtilities\[WORLD NAME].

Note: Location may vary depending on your setup.

Inside the config folder will be a folder for each wold you have used the mod with. Each world will have its own configs.

Other Notes:

There is a cooldown setting for spawn and homes but that isn't actually implemented yet so the settings do nothing for now. Don't remove them tho or you will run into troubles.

/home without any name still requires you to use a Temporal gear. This is intentional since /home is so fast it should require at least some effort for the speed of going home quickly.

/home with a name however doesn't require a Temporal gear.

Mod Version: 1.2.0

Game Version: 1.14.2(Might and should work on newer versions and maybe even older versions since its just code).

Planned Features:

  • A tips system that will show tips every so often(if you have tips to add feel free to private message me).
  • Sleeping will sleep through the entire night.
  • Random teleport(just need to figure out how to place the player at terrain level)
  • A friends list. Might be used to allow friends to use your home teleports and maybe other things?
  • More as I think of some.

If you have any suggestions feel free to let me know. I'm still new to modding this game but i'm getting better every day.

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v1.2.0 105 Feb 15th Show


Dobby, Jun 9th

Thank you!

Polraudio, Jun 6th

As of right now theres no way to disable them. You could however set homes to 0 and set the cooldown timers for something large like 2 billion(max value of a 32bit int since its an int). Sure they will be allowed to teleport once but after that so much time will be required before the next teleport that they will die of old age in real life before they can teleport again(unless they will be living for another 63 years).

When i get enough freetime in the next update ill add the ability to disable those commands.

Dobby, Jun 4th

How can i disable the /home and /spawn
I only really want /uptime and /players

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