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Category: #Crafting #QoL
Author: Tels
Side: Both
Created: Mar 19th
Last modified: 6 days ago
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  • You need the Mod CompatibilityLib installed, too.
  • v0.2.0 should also work with v1.14.10. If you encounter any problems, please message us.

The Vintage Story mod "Bricklayers" adds useful things and new blocks to build from stones and bricks.

Glassmaking and Glazing

This mod adds glassmaking as a whole new late-game mechanic.

You can create glasscolor mixes (called Frit) by pulverizing ingredients, then grinding, sintering and grinding again. With these done, mix and smelt colored glass.

Or create two kinds of colored glazes (clear/milky), and glaze bricks, bowls,
flowerpots and planters with these in 15 different color variations.

Glazed planters and flowerpots can be decorated with an optional pattern,
two versions (checker/lines) are available.

Making glass and glazes does involve automation and lots of resources and time, but the results will be really worth it.

The handbook has a new guide that will teach you all about glass colors and glazing.

Colored Clay

Create new clay colors and bake/harden them into hardened clay blocks. Saw these blocks into slabs.

Note: Colored clay cannot yet be used to create pottery, despite the tooltip saying so.

New Brick Types

Polish stone bricks into small stone bricks. Glaze burned clay bricks in 30 different colors.

Build blocks, slabs and stairs from these new kind of bricks in wonderful colors.

New recipes

This mod also adds recipes to convert slabs into full blocks, and blocks back to slabs.
There are also recipes to recycle blocks back into individual stones, bricks or shingles.

Known issues

  • Clayforming with the new clay colors does not work.

Important Notes

  • Textures and colors are work in progress and subject to change!
  • In the current form this mod does not alter any vanilla recipes, this might come later.
  • This mod is currently in an alpha stage - please be careful and make a backup of your world!

We hope you enjoy our work,

~ Tels & Phiwa

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v0.2.1 52 6 days ago Show
v0.2.0 65 Jun 3rd Show
v0.1.2 132 May 13th Show
v0.1.1 32 May 12th Show
v0.1.0 34 May 11th Show
v0.0.3 44 May 3rd Show
v0.0.2 73 Apr 25th Show
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Tels, 3 days ago

In v0.2.1, 16 colored glass blocks now need:

16 Sand
24 Borax (16+8) OR 12 Lead nuggets (8+4)
48 Quartz chunks
  8 Copper nuggets
24 Lime (16+8)

and since they require now half as much frit, the burn time and fuel usage are also halved. \o/

Tels, Jun 9th

Thank you for your feedback!

The numbers you posted are not quite correct. In Bricklayers v0.2.0, the Frit recipe gives you 4 outputs, so for this part you need only 1/4 of the ingredients and baking time! Glazings also needs less ingredients than one would think.

Also keep in mind: you can always substitute lead oxide for borax, and that needs only 1/2 X the amount lead nuggets instead of X borax.

According to my tests, 16 blue glass currently need:

64 Sand
96 Borax (64+16)  OR  48 Lead nuggets (32+8)
32 Quartz chunks
16 Copper nuggets
96 Lime (64 + 16)

In comparision, in vanilla 32 quartz chunks give you 16 plain glass - you cannot even get blue glass.

In the next version, we will tweak the recipe to use less sand and other special ingredients. :)

Tech_Rabbit, Jun 4th

So after testing this mod, I find that the recipes are fairly unbalanced for what you get out of it.

For example: 1/4 stack blue glass = 64 sand + 128 powdered borax + 4 stacks powdered quartz (2 stacks of quartz chunk) 2 stacks powdered copper (1 stack copper nuggets) and 128 lime and a LOT of time processing.

That is a lot of waste and time for 16 blue glass. You can nearly fully automate the process but that won't shave off enough time to make it worth it.

And similar complaint for the glazing.

misterandydandy, Jun 3rd

Clayforming as been fixed I already message tels about just got to wait for update again :P

Tels, May 14th

The original game has no polished obsidian, and you need to make polished obsidian to make polished obsidian slabs, which you need to polish into the large obsidian bricks. Hence vanilla game had no large obsidian bricks - "large obsidian brick blocks" is a new feature of this mod, too :)

Mixing and matching bricks would be quite difficult to do, as each new mix would need to be a new block or texture. But you can chisel the larger and smaller ones together.

You can even mix completely differnt blocks like large bricks and cobble with the chisel - that is a vanilla feature and the new blocks from this mod support this :)

The last image shows how you can mix 3 different blocks (1 vanilla, 2 new ones) together:

Lisabet, May 14th

what I meant by older version is the vanilla brick blocks, only with obsidian lol; using the larger bricks before you cut them into the small ones :)

I showed my man the obsidian brick floor (he plays sometimes too) and he said "that's what I always imagined obsidian brick looking like"

btw...that 4th screenshot has me curious; can you mortar individual bricks of different types together somehow? is that a teaser of the future? lol

Tels, May 14th

Glad you like it!

The normal, vanilla texture for obsidian rocks was replaced with a few new variants, because there was only a single variant before, and it needed to look a bit different from the polished version one, esp. in color, as most polished rocks get darker, but obisidian was already almost black before.

However, the vanilla game does not let you polish obsidian, so I'm not sure what you mean by "the large bricks are supposed to make the 'older' version". There where no large obsidian bricks in the game before.

Lisabet, May 14th

excellent, I now have an obsidian brick floor and love how it looks :)

I am curious whether the large bricks are supposed to be able to make the 'older' version or not but even if not I'm pretty satisfied with the obsidian small bricks 

Tels, May 13th

That is soo embarrassing :-/ That's happening when testing in a creative world, another release will be coming shortly.

Lisabet, May 13th

one step at a time :P you can now make the small stone bricks but can't add mortar to make the brick blocks; when I looked at brick blocks and brick slabs for obsidian, the only way to make them is cutting a block in half for slabs and mortaring two slabs together for the block lol

Lisabet, May 12th

yay thanks :) mebbe you could do something with kimberlite too ;)

edit awesome to see the unused stones get some love <3

Tels, May 12th

Hello Lisabet, oops, you are right, sorry about that! A new release will come shortly, fixing this. Thank you for your feedback :)

Lisabet, May 11th

missed a step somewhere with the obsidian; I can polish it and cut it into slabs but not into bricks :( so I can't make the brick blocks

Tels, May 3rd

Thank you for your comment :)
Sure, but then you could either not recycle a single stair block, or need multiple recipes for recycling, which might be confusing for the user.

Since this mod is about convenience and saving time, only secondary about saving resources, we have decided to keep the recipes this way. Eventually we might want to change some of the vanilla recipes to be more consistent in the shape (cobble slabs vs. brick slabs f.i.) and the number of items you input and get as output, and then you wold also have matching amounts when recycling blocks.

Craluminum, Apr 25th

Instead of loosing some resources, you could make recipes with multiple items, like "2x stairs = 7x stones"

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