Mods / Expanded Foods 1.3.14

Category: #Food #Other #Utility
Author: l33tmaan
Side: Both
Created: Feb 14th
Last modified: Jun 10th
Downloads: 6625

Adds new food and meal types to the game. Full description on the forums.
Includes the ability to make bushmeat meals, vinegar, and salt. If you use Bushmeat Meals, Vinegar, or Salt Production delete those mods!
Compatibile with Acorns, Primitive Survival, & Wild Farming mods. Requires the compatibility library to display any new foods from these mods.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.3.14 715 Jun 10th Show
v1.3.13 108 Jun 8th Show
v1.3.12 177 Jun 4th Show
v1.3.11 394 May 23rd Show
v1.3.10 314 May 18th Show
v1.3.9 544 May 4th Show
v1.3.8 139 May 3rd Show
v1.3.7 355 Apr 28th Show
v1.3.6 355 Apr 21st Show
v1.3.5 281 Apr 17th Show
v1.3.4 146 Apr 17th Show
v1.3.3 161 Apr 14th Show
v1.3.2 143 Apr 13th Show
v1.3.1 122 Apr 12th Show
v1.3.0 146 Apr 11th Show
v1.2.4 1187 Mar 12th Show
v1.2.3 375 Mar 2nd Show
v1.2.2 117 Feb 23rd Show ExpandedFoods_1.2.2 (Vanilla).zip
v1.2.1 174 Feb 19th Show ExpandedFoods_1.2.1 (Modded).zip
v1.2.0 112 Feb 14th Show ExpandedFoods_1.2.0 (Modded).zip
v 102 Feb 15th Show ExpandedFoods_1.2.0 (Vanilla).zip
v 120 Feb 19th Show ExpandedFoods_1.2.1 (Vanilla).zip
v 202 Feb 23rd Show ExpandedFoods_1.2.2 (Modded).zip


l33tmaan, 3 days ago

I've steadily been working on updating Expanded Foods, no need to worry! I think at this rate, I might be able to have a release out before the end of the month. I've had to update a LOT of stuff.

Mauler78, 4 days ago

Any plans to bring this up to 1.15.1?

I have tried older versions but it just keeps crashing during world creation.


l33tmaan, Jun 10th

Updated to 1.3.14! Check the thread for details.

l33tmaan, Jun 8th

Updated to 1.3.13! Check the thread for details.

Taikirou, Jun 4th

Hm singleplayer it Works now again for Me with the new Version but my Server cant handle the Versions after 1.2.4
I tried to change alot of mods here and there to check if they not work togather but found nothing  and sadly the console says nothin
But as soon as i change it back to 1.2.4 it works again. Strange if i find out what it is i write it down here.

l33tmaan, Jun 4th

Updated to 1.3.12! Check the thread for details.

Sataikoyurai, Jun 4th

@I33tmaan Game has been crashing when water from a bucket is put in the sauce pot on a fire.

Ashtal, May 28th

@I33tmaan You're a lifesaver, without the mod Vintage story feels like it's missing something


l33tmaan, May 28th

The meatball issue's been fixed. You can find the patch on the forums.

l33tmaan, May 27th

@Ashtal that's a bit baffling. Do you get any errors from your server-main.txt?

Ashtal, May 27th

@l33tmaan Yes, it just doesn`t work with it installed, even when I only have Expanded Foods, Acorns, Primitive Survival & the Wild Farming mods installed

l33tmaan, May 26th

@Ashtal But you can make meatballs when you DON'T have the compatibility library installed??

Ashtal, May 26th

When I have compatibility lib installed (no matter which version), the recipes for the normal (redmeat, bushmeat and poultry) meatballs is missing.

l33tmaan, May 25th

@Taikirou I'm gonna need more info than that, dude. What are you doing when the crash happens?

Taikirou, May 24th

Still get Crashes when  i put this Mod and its 100% this Mod.
If u need any info just Tell Me.

l33tmaan, May 23rd

Updated to 1.3.11! Check the thread for details.

l33tmaan, May 18th

Updated to 1.3.10! Check the thread for details.

l33tmaan, May 11th

Thanks for the catch, I'll need to add an exception for saguaro. Cactus juice actually isn't very edible.
Cactus syrup will be in 1.3.10, though!

EDIT: I released a quick patch on the forums.

Isormour, May 11th

Hello I have a little problem here, so i wanted to create sagurao juice on our server and everthing crashed.So i decided to dig a little bit.

Server Log points to 
System.Exception: Can't create itemstack without item!
w Vintagestory.API.Common.ItemStack..ctor(Item item, Int32 stacksize)
w ExpandedFoods.BEScrewPress.releasePressure()
w ExpandedFoods.BEScrewPress.OnGameTick(Single dt)

I have created server localy, placed press added some sagurao, and speedup time. And it crashed again (v1.3.5, and 1.3.9)

So i did a mod with patch to override press function. That was overkill but pretty educational in mod creation. 
Applied patch on server and client. took down press with saguaro fruit in it. and told everybody on server to just not do it.
Everything worked.

But thats not a proper fix. I so i wanted to give it a blind shot. no expectation for it to work.
I opened zip, modified 

added saguaro to variantgroups in line 6. and apparently everything worked. On server and client side. 

l33tmaan, May 4th

Updated to 1.3.9! Check the thread for details.

l33tmaan, May 3rd

Updated to 1.3.8! Check the thread for details.

l33tmaan, May 1st

It's just a bowl. 6 is already too much, IMO.

SquidNeko, May 1st

Could you please allow the mixing bowl to accept more than max 6 in a stack? Its really tidious when you make large portions of berry bread or muffins

l33tmaan, Apr 30th

I forgot to mention that bottles operate similarly to CarryCapacity - you can only drink from them if you aren't looking at another block. Sorry!

Lisabet, Apr 30th

@SquidNeko: from their forum thread

  • Bottles revamp - now actual containers; use /efremap to map old bottles to new ones (the liquids will be lost)
SquidNeko, Apr 30th

Latest update broke all bottles on my server. They all went questionmark.
Refilling new bottles seems fine. But all i had before just went questionmark box.

WesCookie, Apr 29th

I'm certain its an unintended feature, but you can cook unfired clay items in the saucepan. This includes a full stack of shingles. Makes it pretty convenient to just set it and forget it. Unintentional kiln mod.

l33tmaan, Apr 28th

Updated to 1.3.7! Check the thread for details.

l33tmaan, Apr 21st

Updated to 1.3.6! Check the thread for details.

l33tmaan, Apr 20th

I definitely plan to add compatibility for it in the future! 

Wilsonrost, Apr 20th

Any chance we could see support for plants expanded? Forwhatever reason I really wanna make a miner's lettuce salad! Thanks!

l33tmaan, Apr 18th

I don't make cured meat, so I haven't considered it yet. I'll put it on the to-do list.

Loco, Apr 18th

I am using version 1.3.4 How do I use the mixing bowl with work with cured meat? I am in winter now and everything is pickled or cured. It doesnt seem to be a option. I cant make a salad. Trying to make what someone posted that lasts 20ish years. It doesnt recognize the sausage and sage. I tried adding flax oil and i cant get it out or move it.

l33tmaan, Apr 17th

Updated to 1.3.5! Check the thread for details.
EDIT: I goofed, anyone who downloaded it before should do so again. My bad!

l33tmaan, Apr 17th

Updated to 1.3.4! Check the thread for details.

l33tmaan, Apr 14th

Updated to 1.3.3! Check the thread for details.

Craluminum, Apr 14th

Halva, Gozinaki

l33tmaan, Apr 13th

Updated to 1.3.2! Check the thread for details.

Aureus_Prime, Apr 13th

Ok thanks for the help love the mod.

l33tmaan, Apr 13th

Thanks for catching that, you can find it under assets/expandedfoods/blocktypes/bottle.json. It's under the nutritionPropsByType section.

Aureus_Prime, Apr 12th

The milk bottle nutrition value is set to protein when i assume it's met to be dairy if it's met to be that way can you give me the path its json so i can patch it myself

l33tmaan, Apr 12th

Updated to 1.3.1! Check the thread for details.

Shardas, Apr 12th

I also get the double smithing and double knapping recipes. My game also crashes when I load into my multiplayer server but it fixes itself if I load a single player world first before I join. I have reinstalled both mods but I still get the issue.

adres4t, Apr 12th

Hi. After switching to new version all the stakes from Primitive Survival turned into various types of meat rack(at least 10 different textures of it). When trying to craft a stake - crash.

Switched back to 1.2.4 and now when planting Soybean and Rye( tried Flax, Rye, Soybean, Rice as of now), I get this:

When L-click on the block game crashes.

Worth mentioning that I have many mods installed but I got this weird situation after 1.3.0 mod update. 

Not sure where to look for the issue



EDIT: Carrot, Turnip, Spelt, Onion, Parsnip and Pumpkin are fine, like Rice and Flax.

Reinstalled Compatibility Lib, didn't helped. Crash log may have some hints but I don't have the knowledge to know what to look for.

Reinstalled VS, to 1.4.9rc. Issue still persists.


l33tmaan, Apr 12th

Oh, great, I thought that was just happening to me. I wonder why it's doing that...

Rickard, Apr 11th

Hey, like youre work. Nice, but since I updated my game with v1.3.0 all recepies are showed twice. Two flint knifes, two flint axes and so on, same with clay. I reinstalled v1.2.4, and it works fine. And back up to v1.3.0 again and there is doubble of everything.

l33tmaan, Apr 11th

Updated to 1.3.0! Check the thread for details. At least read the changelog before downloading!

l33tmaan, Mar 20th

It works fine for me... I'm not sure what to tell you. I'm pretty sure the chopped vegetables never had the shapeless function, so it shouldn't be doing that no matter which release you're using. Maybe update Wild Farming?

Nubby, Mar 20th

Oh, it seems that is not a vanilla problem, but i still have that strange thing where no mater where i put the knife or a vegetable, it still gives me chopped version, not the seed one.

Sorry for bothering you, awesome mod nevertheless, have a nice day!

l33tmaan, Mar 19th

Are you sure that's vanilla? Because I'm 99% sure that's a feature of Wild Farming. I'm looking at the recipe files for it right now. I also don't have this issue - putting a Knife next to carrots results in chopped carrots, but putting 2 carrots anywhere EXCEPT directly to the right of my knife results in carrot seeds.

Nubby, Mar 19th

Hey, i've found a little problem with the chopping vegetables part of the mod.
In vanilla survival book there is an entry that if you combine 2 turnips/carrots/parsnis/etc. and a knife, you should get seeds out of it, but the mod forces the recipe to turn into chopper vegetable, is there anything you can do to fix it?
And different placements of the knive sadly do not help.

Thank you in advance!

l33tmaan, Mar 12th

Same message, sorry. :(

Craluminum, Mar 12th

Try again? Tyron said it was fixed just now

l33tmaan, Mar 11th

@Tyron, I tried, but on some of them I got this error:

"Cannot save release, there already exists a release with this mod id and version - please ensure a unique modid and avoid uploading of duplicate version numbers."

I'm not going back and changing the mod ID on my old releases, so I guess it's not a huge deal. If you could update the system so it checks for different filenames, that would be ideal for me. Well, not anymore, since I only plan on doing one release moving forward, but it would fix the old versions.

Tyron, Mar 11th

hey, if you press save once on each release it'll update the missing version column

l33tmaan, Mar 7th

Yes, it is. I've decided to just do one release from now on.

CJHKnight2, Mar 7th

@l33tmaan Is the newest version 1.2.3 for modded too?

l33tmaan, Mar 2nd

Updated to 1.2.3! Check the thread for details.

Theisgood, Feb 28th

That is fine :) in the future I imagine you will get more awesome things to help you improve mods. I still love your mod :)

l33tmaan, Feb 28th

Currently, no. Only meals can give multiple saturation values right now. Sorry. :( 

Theisgood, Feb 28th

Could you make it so the berry breads give fruit and grain as a nutrient? The breads that take two fruits to craft could give extra fruit nutrients but the same amount of grain as standard bread/bread made with single berry. I noticed that I use a single berry to make bread but it gives me no fruit as a nutrient :(. 

Other then that this is such a solid well crafted mod. Thank you so much for making it.

Craluminum, Feb 24th

Yeah, cattail flour from their roots can be used for bread. You might even just google it. Maybe you even could do syrup and sugar from them, but idk exactly

l33tmaan, Feb 24th

People can eat cattails like that...? Alright, I'll put it on the list. Can cattail flour be used for bread?

Craluminum, Feb 24th

Suggestion: Cattail flour and soy flour (from soybean). Also you can marinate cattail root in the vinegar and use in salads

l33tmaan, Feb 23rd

Sweet, I'll look into it.

Craluminum, Feb 23rd

CompatibilityLib was updated, so now you could do only one file with all patches for acorns and primitive survival without so many "Error Grid recipe" and etc.

Craluminum, Feb 20th

Maybe you could add new strings to Vintagestory.GameContent.BlockEntityTransient.CheckTransition and Vintagestory.GameContent.BlockEntityTransient.tryTransition (or other), that just fills the storage opposite the block, instead of just harvesting and putting a new one (like log-resinharvested-pine-ud does). For maple sap and birch sap ofc

l33tmaan, Feb 18th

You know, there ARE shapes for sliced bread already in the game files. I really hope it gets implemented into the base game at some point. Good idea!

Craluminum, Feb 18th

It can be spread on bread, used in baked goods, or eat like honey

l33tmaan, Feb 18th

I like that idea, Craluminum, but I'm not sure what maple syrup could be used for besides porridges and... jams, maybe? And that maple taffy. I can still do it, but it'll be a low priority while I work on other items. 
Honestly, I'm hoping 1.15 will release soon so I can play around with whatever new cooking mechanics they introduce!

Craluminum, Feb 16th

What do you think about maple sap/syrup/butter/sugar and birch sap?

I imagine process for maple syrup like:

  1. Seal 1 maple log in the barrel for N-days >>> 1-5L of maple sap
  2. Heat 20-80L of maple sap to 110C for N-hours >>> 1L of maple syrup (I recommend bigger numbers for balance reasons)

or harvesting like resin from pine 

Tech_Rabbit, Feb 16th

Oh I see compatability lib support yay!

Tech_Rabbit, Feb 16th

So you are doing away with the "Just primitive survival support then?

l33tmaan, Feb 15th

I thought I uplodaded them both together - I'm still getting used to this interface. Vanilla's up now.

Craluminum, Feb 15th

The best food mod ever. Can you upload Vanilla version?

l33tmaan, Feb 15th

Thanks, Lich! That's what I like to hear. People go wild for this food stuff.

Lich, Feb 15th

This has been our tiny MP server's favorite mod. Keep it up!

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